Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

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In the 1980s, Bell introduced the Bell Star, which became the forerunner of current full-face helmets. This helmet is ideal for riders seeking a retro style with full-face protection. It was a game-changer, offering both security and comfort.

After 40 years, the business released a new classic based on the original silhouette. Bell Bullitt was created to present higher safety requirements and a more contemporary idea while maintaining the classic appearance.

If you’re looking to buy Bell Bullitt Helmet, our review is an excellent place to start. Continually read on to learn about its safety, construction, design, and all of the features and characteristics that come with it.


Stand out while maintaining a classic, modest, comfortable, and safe appeal. The Bell Bullitt full-face helmet is DOT, ECE certified and has genuine leather and suede, removable cheek pads and face shields, a variety of colors, and essential ventilation. It is a good option for riders searching for a retro-style helmet with the excellent build quality.

Bell Bullitt Helmet: Features and Benefits


From XS to 2XL, the Bullitt is available in 3 shell sizes and 6 sizes of fittings. According to reports, it’s worth attempting a size bigger than you’re accustomed to — for example, a normal-sized head would fit better inside a large Bell Bullitt than a medium.

Bell has manufactured the helmet in three shell sizes, which is fascinating. Providing three shell sizes is often reserved for more significant and high-quality helmets. It indicates Bell’s dedication to this helmet and that it is more than just a novelty.

Due to specific user reports stating that there is insufficient space between your face and the visor, it may be best to either search elsewhere or go for the bubble-style visor if you want a little more breathing room.

Design and Shape

Bullitt is available in various colors and patterns, the most popular of which are glossy and matte black. When paired with the color of genuine leather, black makes the helmet seem even more vintage, even though it is a classic option.

Given that it has a circular form, it will only suit you if your head is also round or similar in shape. It’s possible that the oval head shape won’t be as comfortable.

Furthermore, as you can see by looking at it, Bullitt isn’t the finest in terms of aerodynamics. When riding at high speeds, the spherical form pushes against the wind. Consequently, once you’re going approximately 75 mph, you’ll see the winding tugging it up from below.


Many helmets on the market have a broad field of vision. Other colors may be purchased individually. It comes with a transparent shield. Up, down, and midway between are the three positions of the visor.

It is available in two different styles: bubble and flat. The flat is excellent for removing optical distortion, while the bubble is best for providing airflow. It also seems to be the most retro of the two.

It’s sealed using Bell’s Magnefusion Shield Closure System, unlike anything else on the market. It works using magnets, and getting accustomed to them may take some time. You’ll probably like it after you get used to it.


We won’t dispute that this helmet lacks aerodynamics and other features, but Bell put a lot of work into the inside design. It’s lovely and comfy, and it looks incredible; the liner matches the shell’s color, and it has a distinct vintage feel.

The inside is antibacterial and constructed of exquisite genuine leather. The inside may be removed entirely and washed; the quick-drying function is useful. The cheek pads include compartments for the speaker and are meant to keep you comfortable.

There are several alternatives to choose from when it comes to the inside. We were drawn to the brown-lined black helmet and the matte black-and-white helmet with the black liner. Those Bullitt helmets are fantastic, evoking a classic vibe while ensuring maximum comfort.


The Bell Bullitt’s ventilation has received almost unanimous praise. With five metal mesh intake vents, it provided smooth airflow over the top of the head, even in the oppressive heat of Summer 2014, and it did a good job.

An aerodynamic helmet’s most important feature is the rear vent’s lip, which helps direct air over one’s head and contributes to an overall aerodynamic feel. The front chin vent may also be closed from the back. There hasn’t been any turbulence or buffeting recorded.

Safety Measurements

It’s a full-face helmet, but it’s one of the few that can offer you the sensation of a 34 helmet. However, since it covers your whole head, there is little doubt that it is far safer than an open-face helmet.

When you hit your head while wearing a helmet, your head is protected by two layers. The shell is one thing, while the cushioning or EPS lining is another. The Bullitt’s shell is built of a carbon fiber composite. The low-profile shell makes it simpler to put on and take off.

It has a Multi-Density EPS liner on the inside, which provides the rider’s comfort and safety. The cheek pads conform to your face, so they may feel a little unpleasant the first time you put them on. However, it will adapt and become more comfortable with time.

A cushioned chin strap with a leather pull button is also included with the helmet. And it’s a D-Ring chin strap made of stainless steel. This Bell Bullitt helmet is ECE and DOT certified; thus, riding with it is perfectly legal.


  • EPS protection
  • Built-in flip-up face shield
  • Three shell sizes
  • Interchangeable face shields
  • Double-D ring strap


  • Inefficient ventilation
  • The glossy finish scratches quickly

Final Verdict

One of Bell’s best-known helmets, the Bullitt, is a contemporary interpretation of the initial full-face type. The upgraded ventilation system and cushioned chin strap make it more modern than it seems to be, despite its vintage design.

The helmet is preferable for those with a round head shape; however, getting the proper size is crucial for complete safety. Make sure you don’t feel any extra pressure on any sections of your head while trying it on.

Overall, it’s a stylish helmet that also happens to be one of the best and most pleasant options available on the market. For maximum enjoyment of all of its advantages, be sure that you get the proper size and color for yourself.

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