Best Half Helmets

7 Best Half Helmets [No Mushroom]

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It’s hard to find a motorcycle helmet that doesn’t make your head appear like a huge mushroom, believe it or not. We did our best and spent a lot of time narrowing it down to the top 7 half helmets, no mushrooms.

For this, you should look for half helmets labeled as skull caps. So, if you want to ensure that you have the very minimum headroom to avoid mushrooming, you should go through this list. According to scientific research, most of us who suffer from bulbous head syndrome benefit from wearing a deep helmet. It’s difficult to confess to yourself, but there’s no turning back once you see your mushroom cap. 

Let’s pick the greatest half helmet with no mushroom and make your iron steed appear fantastic, shall we?

Entry Level


HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet

Mid Range


Bell Pit Boss Helmet

High End


Bell Rogue Helmet

1. Bell Rogue Helmet


  • Composite shell with a low weight
  • Muzzle that is both durable and creative for maximum rider comfort.
  • The muzzle is adjustable and has a detachable lining.
  • The muzzle is simple to put on and take off, thanks to the FidLock magnetic connection.
  • The interior is removable and washable.
  • Pockets for speakers are convenient.


  • The helmet is too noisy.
  • The helmet is quite expensive.

If riding a motorcycle isn’t scary enough for you, channel your inner Bane by wearing the Bell Rogue. The Rogue has the appearance of a half-helmet while providing the increased protection and comfort of a 34. The adjustable and detachable muzzle not only scares cagers but also protects your face from road debris and rain.

The lightweight composite shell and comfy lining with speaker compatibility provide greater riding comfort and convenience. As a result, the Rogue has all of the characteristics of other touring helmets while maintaining an edgy and fashionable appearance.


  • Materials and Construction: The Rogue is an open-face helmet that, according to the manufacturer, provides the same level of comfort. You may remove its muzzle, which would reveal your full face, as previously said.
  • Ventilation: The Rogue shell has a limited number of air vents due to its open-face design. It doesn’t have a visor that can fog up, and removing the muzzle exposes your face to the wind.
  • Features and Safety Certifications: The Rogue has been certified by the United States Department of Transportation after meeting and surpassing their FMVSS 218 criteria. It was put to the test for shell durability and impact resistance, and it came out on top in a variety of tests.

2. Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet


  • SpeedView internal tinted sun visor with EverClear no-fog coating made of advanced polycarbonate shell
  • For nighttime cycling, a transparent visor is included.
  • Anti-microbial fabric liner Kwikwick 2
  • EPS with two densities
  • The front mask is easily removed and comes with neodymium magnets.
  • Removable ear flaps Aero-tuned ventilation system.


  • The helmet is too noisy.
  • Many users have complained that it is not that comfortable.

With the Scorpion Covert Helmet, Scorpion adds a whole lot of “but wait, there’s more” to the conventional half shell. They get off to a good start with a programmable ventilation system. Then they add a simple drop-down sun visor mechanism. The shades are lowered with a pull on a tab, then retracted with a press on the same tab; it couldn’t be simpler.

By snapping in a rear bottom sleeve, your helmet becomes a 3/4 helmet, which helps to mask some of the screams from your life-saving exhaust. Despite the greater covering, the Scorpion’s Kwikwick lining keeps you in the game by channeling heat and humidity up to the ventilation ducts and out the rear. So you’ll be as refreshing as a cucumber.


  • Ventilation: The vents in the chin bar are constantly open, with just some metal gauze in place to keep flies and other insects out. However, there’s no scarcity of air getting in, thanks to the area under the face shield and the vents.
  • Sun Visor: The Scorpion Covert lacks a standard transparent visor. It’s a sun visor that draws down like a standard face shield and is sealed at the bottom to keep water and wind out.

3. HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Internal cushioning is soft and comfortable.
  • The face shield D-ring retention strap has no distortions.
  • Lightweight
  • There are no issues with ventilation.


  • The lens becomes hazy.
  • Accidents to the face and chin are common.

The HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet has been stripped down to its bare essentials for rugged good aesthetics and pure simplicity. The sunscreen may be deployed without the need for a complicated lever. The natural tendency is to grasp little exposed tabs and pull them down, so there is little room for error.


  • Design: One of the most significant benefits of purchasing half helmets is the ease of fitting them. Half helmets, in contrast to full-face helmets, fit on your head with ease and comfort.
  • Structure: The general construction of the helmet is minimal in weight and sturdy. The oval-shaped helmet is made of Polycarbonate thermoplastic polymer, which is impact resistant and protects your head in the event of an accident.
  • Chin Strap: It is critical to secure the helmet to not fly away after an accident. The IS-Cruiser, on the other hand, employs a nylon strap with a D-ring retention mechanism.

4. Bell Pit Boss Helmet


  • Customers have well received the independence given by this helmet.
  • This helmet is unisex. Therefore both men and women may wear it.
  • This helmet is simple to adjust and provides a secure fit without being uncomfortable.
  • A person may rest easy knowing that their helmet will not attempt to lift off.
  • Customers like that the helmet may be modified to suit their heads as required.
  • The helmet is comfortable to wear while still being protective.


  • Some buyers complained that the helmet was not trendy enough for them.
  • People who use prescription glasses have expressed dissatisfaction with the drop-down shield.
  • The shield may decrease a person’s field of vision, making it difficult to see properly.

You can tell the difference the moment you put the Pit Boss helmet on. The ultra-light TriMatrix structure keeps the weight down while still meeting DOT requirements. In addition, Bell’s unique Speed Dial adjustable fit system delivers unrivaled comfort levels while substantially minimizing the propensity for open face helmets to lift off the head in the Bell Pit Boss.

With features like a retractable neck curtain and a sun shield that drops down, the Pit Boss reigns supreme on the open road.


  • The helmet’s shell: It will not be too heavy on a person’s head or cause discomfort after a period of wearing it. The helmet’s shell is a combination of TriMatrix and a Kevlar carbon fiberglass composite.
  • Design: The Bell Pit Boss has a unique design that makes it more pleasant to operate – it has a Speed Dial for adjusting. The helmet will be able to fit exactly vertically and horizontally as a result of this.
  • Internal sunshade: No part of the face is covered. An interior sunshade will assist shield a person’s eyes from glare from the sun. When biking, this will also aid in keeping a person cool and comfortable.

5. LS2 Rebellion Helmet


  • Chinstrap with micrometric fast release
  • Ventilation with a channeled port and a top vent that allows air to flow through
  • Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, detachable, and washable technical fabric lining
  • Foam that has been laser sliced


  • No major drawbacks have been noticed yet.

The Rebellion features the perfect combination of retro-cool and technological edge, thanks to a sleek shell built of high-performance, lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA).

Imagine a half-shell motorcycle helmet with ports ventilation that allows you to stay cool even on the hottest days. The short peak and Twin Shield System drop-down sun shield will protect your eyes when the sun is low on the horizon. The sunscreen offers unique two-stage adjustability: half-open for a little shade or fully open for complete sun protection.


  • Shell 2 of the Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) is available in two sizes (XS-LG and XL-2XL)
  • Adjustable multi-density EPS foam Drop-down dark smoke sun shield using the Twin Shield System.
  • The sunscreen is UV and scratch-resistant, and the chin strap has a micrometric fast release.
  • A top vent and channeling port provide a flow-through ventilation system.

6. HJC CS-2N Helmet


  • Neck curtain with Nylex lining that is removable (zips off).
  • The chin strap is precisely secured with a nylon strap retention mechanism that is DOT certified.


  • The helmet is noisy.
  • Many consumers have complained that the helmet is too small.

A classic half-helmet design, the HJC CS-2N helmet lowers down a little to provide a little more coverage on the temples and back of your crown than a traditional full-helmet design.


  • Shell is made of an injection-molded thermoplastic alloy that is lightweight.
  • The presence of two forehead vents allows for flow-through ventilation.
  • Nylex inside with a plush brushed finish
  • Visor has an aerodynamic design and a low profile.

7. Scorpion EXO-C110 Azalea Helmet


  • SpeedView retractable sun visor with advanced polycarbonate shell
  • Anti-microbial fabric liner KwikWick 2
  • Low-profile peak visor with an aerodynamic ventilation system
  • Speakers/communication device pockets


  • The helmet is too noisy.

The EXO-C110 is Scorpion’s take on a classic helmet that represents the company’s future generation. Subtle contemporary designs, an upgraded ventilation system, a dual-EPS liner, and an updated SpeedView sun visor mechanism distinguish the EXO110 from the competition. As a result, the EXO-C110 can provide a luxury feel while preserving the traditional half helmet style and fit with these qualities.


  • Shell made of advanced polycarbonate: The main function of a helmet is to provide proper head protection when riding along the street. Always make sure that the exterior shell of the helmet you’re buying is capable of doing the job.
  • Ventilation with a Focus on Aerodynamics: You won’t have to worry about ventilation with this helmet in your arsenal. You will be able to breathe comfortably for lengthy periods, thanks to the design.
  • 2 Liner KwikWick: When it comes to comfort, you should not make any concessions since this might spoil your journey. A decent helmet’s inside will always feel soft and comfy.


We hope that these 7 best Half Helmet No Mushrooms will help you choose the best for you. Ride Safe!

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