Best Karting Helmets

6 Best Karting Helmets

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Karting is an extreme sport that requires a lot of energy, so it is important to protect yourself from all kinds of hazards. This is why the best karting helmet should be worn during any racing event. It not only protects you from serious head injuries but also helps you stay safe when you are involved in a crash.

Whether you’re a racer or just enjoy the thrill of speed, a karting helmet is a must for your safety. The best karting helmets are Snell certified, so they have more stringent requirements than others. 

While you look for the best Karting helmets, we are here to help you. Here is a list of the best 6 karting helmets.

1. Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet


  • It is approved by SNELL, make ensures it is manufactured under safety ratings 
  • Comes in four different sizes 
  • The manufacturer provides a carry bag along with a helmet to protect it when not in use


  • Not regulated by DOT

For those looking for a lightweight helmet, the Conquer Carbon Fiber Auto Helmet is a great option. It has a very comfortable and breathable face foam liner, as well as a removable chin bar and a visor with flip-up eye protection. 

The Conquer Helmet is built with a carbon fiber shell and an inner EPS liner that is both lightweight and durable. The helmet is equipped with a 3M reflective strip on the back of the helmet which is perfect for visibility in low light conditions. The Conquer Helmet is designed to fit snugly to your head for comfort while also providing adequate ventilation.

The helmet is made from lightweight ABS plastic and the interior is extremely soft and comfortable when wearing, as the inner parts are well padded.

The Cheek Pads are removable for easy cleaning and it’s equipped with 10 vents that are well placed and ensure that your head stays cool throughout your race.


  • Lightweight carbon fiber composite shell construction
  • Fire retardant padded interior, removable cheek pads
  • Airflow venting for comfort
  • 3mm Anti-scratch, flame resistant shield with tear-off post
  • SNELL SA2020 Certified, HANS Threaded Inserts In Shell

2. RaceQuip PRO20


  • It is a full-face helmet that covers the full face for extra protection 
  • It is designed for almost every racing series 
  • Sizes from XX-Small to 3XL are easily available 
  • This karting helmet is SNELL approved


  • It is an expensive helmet

RaceQuip has been a pioneer in the karting industry since its inception in 1988. The goal is to provide the best possible equipment for all of its customers. They have been dedicated to producing the best possible karts in the world and we will continue to do so. 

It’s comfortable, easy to wear and it looks really good. The silicone shield is a nice touch and the helmet is really light and very easy to carry around. It’s one of my favorite helmets and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to race in a helmet.

As the name suggests, this helmet is designed for karting, but it is suitable for many other types of racing, including off-road racing. It is made from a lightweight, yet durable material that allows you to hear the other drivers, but not gets too distracted by the noise.

The RaceQuip PRO20 Full Face Helmet is made with an ABS plastic shell, and the front and rear of the helmet are made with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). This type of material is commonly used in the production of helmets, as it is both lightweight and durable. The helmet also has a removable visor, and the chin guard is adjustable, so it can be fit to the rider’s head.


  • Snell SA2020 Rated (Sticker Affixed); HANS / HNR M6 Threaded Inserts In Shell; FRP Composite Shell
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Liner; Comfort Fit Blended Nomex Interior; Distortion Free 3mm Polycarbonate Low Fog Shield
  • Great Peripheral Vision; Silicone Eyeport Seal Keeps Out Dirt; Kevlar Chin Strap
  • Fire Retardant Paint & Interior; Aluminum Pivot Kit W/Adjustable Friction Lock; Tear-Off Posts Hand Ratchet To Eight Positions
  • Hook & Loop Fastened Removable Cheek Pads

3. Conquer Snell SA2020 Approved Open Face Auto Racing Helmet


  • There are four sizes available in this helmet, from small to extra large 
  • A protective carry bag is also included 
  • With a superior venting system, it offers maximum comfort and breathability 
  • It is lightweight, you can easily carry it


  • Not regulated by US DOT

If you’re looking for an open-face helmet that offers great protection and comfort, this helmet from Conquer is a perfect choice. It has an SA2020 certification, which means that it meets the requirements of Snell and ICAO for racing helmets. It also features an adjustable strap system to make sure it fits comfortably.

SA2020 Open Face Auto Racing Helmet was designed for the ultimate in comfort while on the track. The open-face design allows for a full range of vision while the ventilation system keeps the heat out. SA2020 is approved for all SA2020 approved racing classes, including SCCA and NASA.

Helmets are a must-have safety gear for any sport or activity. Conquering helmets are the best helmets for snowboarding and wakeboarding, and also for any sport where you need to be protected from impact. They are built to protect your head and neck and they are made to last.

Conquer SA2020 Open Face Auto Racing Helmet is a safe and affordable way to protect yourself from a head injury. It’s a must-have helmet for serious race car drivers and other active people who enjoy the thrill of speed.


  • Lightweight fiberglass shell construction
  • Comfort fit, fire retardant padded interior with removable cheek pads
  • Airflow venting for comfort & Kevlar chin strap
  • HANS threaded inserts In-shell
  • SNELL SA2020 Approved, certification sticker inside

4. Bell RS7-K Go Kart Helmet


  • It is the most comfortable karting helmet that comes with great ventilation 
  • The outer material is easy to clean and durable 
  • With its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere


  • Only one size and color is available

The Bell Helmet Bell RS7-K is the karting only version (non fire retardant interior) of the RS7. The Bell Helmet Bell RS7-K features a lightweight carbon composite shell, a new ventilation system, and a new aerodynamic design for improved performance. The Bell Helmet Bell RS7-K has a removable visor and a one-size-fits-all fitment, which makes it easy to get on and off.

The RS7K is the perfect combination of style and function. It features a sleek, aerodynamic design that looks great on the road. And, with its double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor and rubber gasket seal, it’s protected from the elements when it rains.

The RS7-K is a race kart designed for all levels of karting. It offers superior handling and performance over the RS7 and has a longer wheelbase, which makes it more stable and easy to drive.


  • Lightweight carbon composite shell AND advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance.
  • Shell and shield designs are optimized to improve aerodynamic performance, reduce internal noise, and enhance energy management capacities.
  • APPLICATION: Go kart / karting-only version 
  • CERTIFICATION: Snell K2020 approved.

5. SIMPSON 6100018 Black Voyager 2 Helmet


  • It is one of best SNELL certified helmet 
  • It is a lightweight helmet


  • Expensive than other karting helmets

Simpson has been making helmets for decades, and we’ve been Snell SA certified for even longer. The manufacturer has worked very hard to make sure that our helmets are not only safe and durable but also comfortable. They have used the best materials and tested them to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

In 2010, the FIA and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) began mandating the use of the M6 mounting system in all Snell SA 2015 certified helmets. This mounting system allows the helmet to be mounted to the racing car in a way that provides maximum protection to the head and neck.

This is a custom helmet designed for the customers to help people stay comfortable while working in the field. The Voyager 2 is designed to be more breathable, and the larger eye port allows for a wider field of vision.


  • Simpson – Voyager 2 helmet 2015 small Medium Black
  • Frontal head restraint ready
  • Radio Communications may be added

6. Conquer Snell SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet


  • Available in different sizes from small to extra large 
  • Covers your full face for extra protection 
  • There is a protective bag included for easy carrying and protection


  • Cannot be used in public streets, roads or highways

The Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet is great for go-kart racing, as it’s Snell 2020 certified and is equipped with great features. The exterior is made of high-grade Conquer’s fiberglass Aeroshell that features threaded inserts for extra durability. There are also HANS device mounting points that enable you to attach restraint equipment.

If you are into karting, this helmet will help you race faster and more effectively. It has a full-face design that will give you maximum protection and safety while reducing the amount of drag and allowing you to ride more aggressively.


  • Lightweight fiberglass composite shell construction
  • Fire retardant padded interior and airflow venting for comfort
  • 3mm Anti-scratch, flame resistant shield with tear-off posts
  • Snell SA2020 Certified

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a karting helmet, there are many options available, but you may not know where to start. This guide will help you decide which one is best for you.

We’ve all been there, wondering what to buy, and end up with something that doesn’t really suit our needs. Whether you’re buying a new helmet for yourself or your kid, it’s important to know the various attributes of the product before making a decision.


There are several categories of helmets. You will need to find the best one for your needs.

If you have a budget and are not looking to spend a lot of money on a kart, then you should stick with the entry level helmet. These helmets have a full face design and offer good protection.

You have to make sure that you are going to get the best helmet for you. For instance, if you are not looking to participate in circuit races, you may want to look for something a little more lightweight. On the other hand, if you are planning to participate in circuit races, you may want to consider something that is more durable.


A helmet that is certified by Snell is an important piece of safety equipment, because it shows that the manufacturer has met certain requirements for design and construction.

Karting helmets are important because they keep you safe from injuries. They also have to meet certain safety standards, such as the type of material they’re made out of and their weight.

Snell is the leading global authority on the design, testing, certification, and regulation of motorcycle helmets. We are dedicated to protecting the safety of motorcyclists. This means that our research and development team is constantly working to ensure that we’re always producing the best possible products.


Racing is all about visibility. If you don’t have a good view of your competitors, then you’re at a disadvantage. You can only see the competition if you can see them. The best way to see the competition is to wear a helmet cam with a wide-angle lens. It will allow you to see the competition from every angle. If you don’t have access to this equipment, then it’s best to wear a go-kart with a wide eye-port.


Your helmet should be ventilated. This is because it’s important for your brain to be able to breathe properly. If you don’t have enough ventilation, then you could be at risk of suffering from headaches. It’s also important to ensure that your helmet is properly fitted. It should fit snugly but not too tight.

We would recommend you buy a helmet with mesh grills. They will help you pick the best helmet for your budget and style of karting. 


Fiberglass is the most popular material because it’s lightweight and provides good protection. It also gives a great look and feels to the helmet. Carbon is an expensive material, but is the strongest and can withstand the most damage. Composite is the best material for its lightweight and high strength.

Carbon fiber and composite helmets are more lightweight, stronger, and more protective than traditional steel helmets. We have been using composite helmets for years now, and I think they are great! We are not a big fan of the traditional steel helmet and have seen the effects of head injuries from its use of them firsthand.


When you’re looking for a helmet, size matters. If you’re not sure what size to get, a good rule of thumb is to buy the largest size that fits comfortably on your head.

Sizing guides vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s important to double-check and make sure you’re following the sizing guide.

If you’re looking to buy a new motorcycle helmet, you’ll need to know the size of your head. The circumference of your head can be measured using a measuring tape. This measurement should be compared to the manufacturer’s sizing guide and you’ll know if you have the right size helmet for you.


If you’re still unsure about which helmet is right for you, then take a look at the FAQs for some great tips and information about helmet safety.

Do I Really Need a Helmet for Racing Go-Karts?

There are many types of go-karts available in the market today. You can buy a cheap kart, which might not even be suitable for beginners. It is very important that you get the right equipment and be fully prepared before you take part in a race. If you are new to this sport, it is best to start with a cheap kart, because if you crash, you will lose more than you will gain.

Is There a Difference Between Go-Kart, Motorcycle & Auto Racing Helmets?

Go Karting Helmet – Go Kart Racing is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It is also an excellent workout. It requires a lot of energy to maneuver karting around a track. This is why karting helmets are designed with a higher level of protection.

Motorcycle Helmet – Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the head from any impact that may occur during a fall. This includes falls from motorcycles.

How to wash my karting helmet? 

Most racing helmets do not come with a removable interior, due to some of the certification requirements. If you have a helmet with a removable interior, you can simply remove the inner pads and hand wash them. Make sure that they are naturally air-dried before you place them back into your helmet.


The best karting helmet is the one that you feel comfortable wearing while racing. It should also be lightweight and comfortable to wear, as well as be able to withstand the impact forces of racing without causing injuries.

The kart helmet is a crucial component for the safety and enjoyment of the kart racer. There are different types of helmets available in the market today, and there are many factors that you need to consider when purchasing one. The above list will help you choose the best karting helmet. 

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