How To Stretch A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Stretch A Motorcycle Helmet?

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Helmets and motorcyclists are the best of friends. However, in rare cases, a hasty helmet selection and negligence might result in problematic situations. If you buy a helmet that is the incorrect size, you may find it challenging to get it to fit. At this point, motorcycle riders ask how to stretch a motorcycle helmet and make it fit perfectly.

If you are one of the many passionate motorcyclists who have spent a lot of money on a helmet but have been unable to get the perfect fit, this brief article is for you! But don’t worry; we’ve developed this guide for you based on the most important tips and methods to follow to achieve the most excellent fit for your helmet.

How Do I Know If My Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Tight?

If a motorcycle helmet is overly tight, it might cause severe discomfort or even seriously injure. If you’re having headaches from your helmet, switch it out. You could also feel numbness, soreness, or discomfort. Don’t get a motorcycle helmet that completely fits your head. For several reasons, motorcycle helmets may not fit properly.

Some helmets are designed for a particular human type, while others are designed for everyone. Helmets come in various shapes and sizes because each manufacturer strives to create a helmet that fits as many individuals as possible. Different kinds of helmets are required for different head shapes and sizes.

When riding a motorcycle, we suggest that you wear a helmet. If you are involved in a car accident, wearing a helmet will keep you safe and prevent brain harm. Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles. Some may, for example, give greater comfort than others. Try a few different brands until you find one that works for you.

How to stretch a motorcycle helmet?

There are a variety of techniques to expand your helmet so that it fits properly on your head. Let’s look at several straightforward techniques to extend a motorcycle helmet.

  1. Organic stretching of the helmet

The majority of motorcycle helmets do not come with a customizable design. As a result, finding a helmet that fits your head precisely is difficult. However, if the helmet is a bit snug, you don’t need to adjust it. Instead, it will relax a bit after a time of wearing it. Wearing the helmet is the most excellent method to loosen it up a bit.

It will stretch if you wear it for an extended amount of time. The memory foam within the helmet will stretch if you use it for an extended time. Then it will gradually take on the form of your head. The interior pad is what is putting too much pressure on your head. It will sit nicely on your head after the pad is slack.

  • Wear the Helmet or as Long as Possible

Wearing a motorcycle helmet for as long as possible is the simplest method to extend it. As a result, the pad of your helmet will expand or stretch. The helmet is positioned at the pad’s extension. You may swiftly put on or take off your helmet at this extension.

  • Stretch the Helmet by Inserting a Ball

You may also expand your helmet as far as possible by inserting a ball of at least 8 inches. Wait for the helmet to extend after pressing the ball inside it in this way. You may remove the ball and then wear it comfortably after you notice the helmet has expanded sufficiently.

  • Expanding the Helmet’s Straps

This approach may make the helmet larger to fit better without pressing the inside padding and the helmet together. Yes, straps are an excellent approach to increase the size of the helmet and improve its fit. You can lengthen the straps if the helmet is too snug around your neck or chin.

It is a simple procedure; you hold it in your hand and stretch it, just as you would chewing gum. Don’t overextend yourself. Instead, we recommend that you slowly expand it over time. The straps will gradually loosen, and the helmet will get larger for you!

How can you get your motorcycle helmet to fit perfectly?

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your helmet fits you ideally. A helmet that does not fit appropriately will not provide enough protection for your head.

  • Proper Measurement

A size chart is used for motorcycle helmets. Before making your purchase, be sure to check the size chart. Although there is a general size chart, several brands have their versions that you may check. Take a tape measure and measure the diameter of your head at its widest point. It is generally the area above your ears and along your forehead. If you’re in between sizes, go up a size.

  • Give the Helmet a Try

It’s time to put the helmet on your head and see how it fits you. In this case, the bottom of the helmet should be in front of your face, with the front of the helmet facing down. Using your thumb, push the straps inside the helmet aside and put your helmet on. The helmet must fit correctly on your head without causing any pain or discomfort.

  • Check the Fitness

Move your helmet sideways with your hands to test your fitness. There must be consistent pressure applied to your whole head, and you must enjoy yourself while doing so. Moving the helmet forward while maintaining the head straight and tightening the strap correctly is another approach to verify its condition. The helmet is too large for your head if it can move swiftly.

  • Adjust the Straps

With the aid of straps, the helmet should now fit perfectly on your head. The straps must be fastened to unbalance neither nor excessive tightness. Keep your brow pads and temples as close as possible to one another. As long as the helmet comes with a neck roll, you must use it and keep it close to the back of your neck.

  • Adding Liners

To ensure that the helmet fits your head correctly, you may personalize the liners and paddings. Keep in mind that the helmet should fit tightly to cushion your head appropriately. To improve the helmet’s fit, riders may add liners to the slack regions. You may also replace the liners with something thicker.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can make the helmet fit correctly if you choose the incorrect head shape. And it is, for this reason, we advise you to verify before you purchase. Check everything, from the possible head shapes to the proper head measurement. And if it’s still too tight, the motorcycle helmet stretching techniques will come to your rescue!

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