When to Replace A Motorcycle Helmet

When to Replace A Motorcycle Helmet?

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The first thing to do is check the manufacturer’s recommendations for how often you should replace your helmet. You can also take the time to review the current design and materials used in the helmet and see if there are any improvements or changes that need to be made.

You should replace your helmet every 3-5 years, depending on the severity of the accidents or if the helmet has experienced significant impacts. Helmets can last for years with little or no damage, but if you ride your motorcycle frequently or if you have been involved in an accident you may want to consider replacing your helmet sooner.

You don’t need to go out and buy a new motorcycle helmet every time you ride your bike. But, you should get your helmet checked out regularly to make sure that it is still in good shape. Here are a few things you can do to help you determine when it is time for a new helmet. 

You can’t always tell when it is time to get a new helmet for your motorcycle, but there are a few warning signs that you should be aware of. For example, you should start looking for these warning signs when the helmet is still in good condition. 

Do You Need To Replace Your Helmet If You Drop It?

If you do lose your helmet or crash into the ground, the chances are very slim that you would break a bone or tear your skin. However, if you were to suffer a head injury, you would want to have a helmet on at all times to protect your head. So yes, you should replace your helmet.

We all know that a helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment for motorcycle riders, but did you know that motorcycle helmets are actually made to withstand a lot of punishment. They are designed to take a hit from a sharp object or a hard object. If you were to drop your helmet, it’s unlikely that you would damage it to the point that you would need to buy a new one.

We live in a fast-paced world where we have to do many things quickly. It’s easy to throw your helmet on the ground and pick it up, or leave it on the couch and forget about it. This is dangerous! We don’t recommend doing either of these things. You need to keep your helmet safe and secure so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Signs You Need To Replace a Helmet

Here we have listed 7 signs to look for that will help determine if you need to replace a helmet. As a beginner rider, the following tips will help you best. 

Helmet Age

The most important part of a helmet is the shell. It’s the reason you wear a helmet. The helmet has to be able to withstand a lot of force before it starts to break down. If the shell is made of steel, the shell will eventually rust and turn green.

A helmet should be considered a piece of equipment and should be treated as such. If you want to maximize the life of your helmet, then you should take the time to properly care for it. You can’t expect to have your helmet for years and years and just wear it without taking good care of it.

The life of a helmet can be affected by many things including the type of shell used, the quality of the material used, the materials used to construct the shell, and the type of paint used. 

The average helmet lifespan is usually around 5 years. But how many times have you seen a rider with a helmet that is more than 5 years old? I’m not saying that the helmet is bad because it is still in service. It’s just that the manufacturer has done their best to keep the helmet in good condition and you can still ride on it. 


Like other things, the same principle applies to your helmet. After using it for a while, you start to notice that certain parts of your helmet aren’t functioning as well as they once were, like the material, visor and more. You may have to upgrade your helmet or buy a new one. If you are using it everyday, it is more exposed to wear and tear so don’t be surprised if you have to replace your helmet after some time. 

Have You Been In An Accident?

A helmet is the most important piece of equipment you can wear when riding your bicycle. 

There are so many different types of helmets available today. It is important to make sure that you are wearing the correct one for the type of riding that you are doing. This is especially important if you are using a motorcycle. If you are not wearing the right helmet then you could be in danger of suffering a serious injury.

Accidents happen, whether it is a car accident, bicycle accident, or even a motorcycle accident. Even if you have been wearing a helmet, the force of the impact can cause the helmet to break or even crack. It’s important to replace your helmet as soon as you can.

Helmet Becomes Loose

Helmets are designed to protect the head and brain from injury in the event of a fall, but as we age our heads tend to lose their elasticity and the padding inside the helmet becomes compacted. This is especially true with foam padding, which can actually harden over time. As a result, helmets can become loose and begin to slip around on the head. When this happens, it’s important to replace the helmet immediately to avoid further injury.

Don’t wear a helmet that is too loose. If you are not sure about the fit of your helmet, feel the padding at the back of your head and look for indentations.

Interior Starts Deteriorating

This is an issue with many helmets. The lining and foam inside of the helmet deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced. When this happens, you usually don’t notice it until there is a major problem. This is why it is important to make sure you have a warranty on your helmet.

The interior of your helmet will deteriorate and eventually fall apart. As it does so, the foam will start to disintegrate and the lining will start to crack. The helmet will then have to be replaced. The good news is that the interior of your helmet can be repaired and if you follow the tips below, your helmet will last much longer than it would have otherwise.

If you notice that the EPS liner of your helmet is white, you should consider purchasing a new one. 

Exterior Start Deteriorating

Wearing a helmet is important for all riders, but it is even more important for motorcycle riders. Helmets protect the head from serious injuries during accidents and prevent skull fractures and brain damage. There are different types of helmets available, but if you are riding in an area where there are many crashes, you should always wear a full-face helmet.

We hope that this is obvious. But, you may have a cracked or brittle shell. If you are wearing a helmet with a cracked or brittle shell, you are not safe.

Shells are often used to protect the contents from damage, and the shell of the turtle should be strong and durable. It should be very thick, so that if you are in an accident the shell doesn’t crack and the turtle is protected from injury.

Strap or Lock Failure

If your chin strap has become corroded and the lock is no longer holding properly, it can lead to a serious injury if the chin strap fails.

Your helmet chin strap is one of the most important parts of your helmet. You use it to keep your helmet in place so you can wear your helmet without having to worry about it falling off. If the chin strap fails to function properly, then you should probably replace it. It may also be a good idea to get a new helmet if the chin strap has failed.

If your helmet is having issues, it could be a good idea to invest in a new one. Helmets are very important because they protect your head and your eyes from injury.

Final Words 

The best helmets for the most experienced riders can cost a small fortune. However, there are affordable options that can provide the same level of protection as the more expensive helmets. A helmet is a safety device and it is important to choose one that fits properly. If your head is large or small, a good fit is essential. Also, make sure the helmet fits snugly and that the chin strap is tight.

You should always buy a new helmet, even if it’s just for the sake of safety. Wearing a used helmet can lead to serious injury. Even if you’re not an avid cyclist, you should invest in a good helmet because it will prevent accidents.

Just because it looks fine doesn’t mean that your helmet is safe. You can get away with a lot when you are a beginner but as you progress, you will find yourself in situations that are more difficult and dangerous than you ever expected.

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