Best Motorcycle Helmets

10 Best Motorcycle Helmets

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The process of selecting a new helmet may become intimidating for any rider with more motorcycle helmet models, features, and safety regulations than ever before. Helmets are also a fair part of your equipment money, so you should invest in the proper lid for your journey. 

In this article, we have listed the 10 best motorcycle helmets along with the buying guide for you so that you can choose your helmet wisely. 

So let’s begin!

Best Full-Face Helmet


Shoei RF-1400 Helmet

Best Dirt Helmet


Fly Racing Dirt Formula CC Helmet

Best Sports Helmet


Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

1. Shoei RF-1400 Helmet


  • Quite possibly the comfiest helmet you will ever wear
  • a little amount of weight
  • The helmet has an aerodynamic design.
  • Fogging is prevented by using a pin lock visor.


  • At night, the pin lock visor has a propensity to start.
  • It may be too tight for some.
  • The helmet is pricey.

Exquisite quality, smart design and maximum comfort and safety are combined in a firm that is as trustworthy as the emblem on the front: Shoei is delighted to present its latest edition of the RF-1400, the legendary flagship. Since its first debut in 1984, RF has been a key bucket in the motorcycle community and years of R&D have led to changes in safety, design, comfort, noise reduction, and everything about high quality only Shoei is ready to give. 


  • Design Idea: The wind tunnel testing improved the RF’s aerodynamics and ventilation. Shoei improved the RF1200’s aerodynamics by 4% in drag and 6% in lift. The compact, aerodynamic shell design maximizes airflow while also being Shoei’s lightest SNELL approved full-face helmet. 
  • Quietness: Shoei used their Vortex Generator technology to displace wind turbulence to create a quieter shell design and adjust the all-new CWR-F2 shield system. 
  • Shell with EPS Liner: Shoei’s strongest, most elastic shell provides the wearer with maximum impact absorption. The RF-1400 also has a two-layer multi-density EPS foam liner that helps absorb impact and allows cool air to circulate freely through the liner’s channels.

2. Icon Airflite Helmet


  • It has side plates that can be removed
  • Breath deflector that has been molded
  • Chin curtain (chin curtain)
  • Removable Moisture-wicking liner with Hydradry technology
  • The helmet has a super vent cooling system with two channels recessed in the ceiling.


  • The helmet is noisy and heavy in weight. 

The Icon Airflite Helmet can assault corners and fight traffic on weekends. It doesn’t matter if you look at ape hangers or clips. You don’t care what you are riding, the Icon Air Flite Helmet. It merely wants to travel quickly and appear dangerous.

The chin wind is effective for flowing air and terrifies the face mask of Hannibal Lecter. The vents snort in the fresh air so you can smell the dread of a footman as you roll the block down. They’re not going to jaywalk before you. A slide down inner sun view allows you to control the sun or switch incognito mode. The polycarbonate shell injection mould is robust for energy absorption and stays intact if anything substantial is inadvertently headbutted. It moisturizes its Hydradry lining to keep your noggin dry and comfy.


  • Comfort: The front panel we like with regard to design and build quality comes at a little usability price and it’s the tab to open it is on the midst of your chin, vs 99 percent of other helmets on the side, so it will take you a minute to get used to it. 
  • Quietness: The airflow of this component is noteworthy with a large number of 4 intake purses (2 on the chin bar, covered but not obstructed by the face shield and 2 on the top of the helmet) and two exhaust ports, but more with their exaggerated interior channels on the top layer of the EPS line. 

3. Fly Racing Dirt Formula CC Helmet


  • It has a chin bar made of EPP (expanded polypropylene).
  • The helmet has relief for the clavicle shell.
  • The Trim is made of custom-molded rubber with an integrated nose guard.
  • Custom visor screws and titanium alloy D-rings are made of lightweight titanium alloy.
  • Comfort liner and cheek pads that are antimicrobial and quick-release
  • Intake and exhaust vents with TFV (True Functional Ventilation) in conjunction with EPS vent channels
  • It complies with or surpasses ECE and DOT requirements.


  • Dirt is able to flow through the vents and onto the wearer’s head.

The Formula Helmet uses cutting-edge technology which focuses on protecting people from hazardous concussions beyond the possibility of skull fracture.

The first line of defense is Fly’s Impact Energy Cells, augmented by RHEON. Fly’s Impact Energy Cells, by use of RHEON, a new viscoelastic polymer, enhances energy dissipation through seven strategically positioned energy cells inside the helmet. For the second act in protection of Formula Helmet, Fly combined its proprietary Conehead EPS technology with an increased volume EPS in six extremely essential areas, each designed especially to adapt to both low and high-speed impacts. 


  • Composite Shell: Made of carbon fiber, DuPont Kevlar, and fiberglass, the Tri-Weave Composite Shell has excellent penetration resistance while lightweight and strong.
  • Energy Cells have an Impact: The Impact Energy Cells, made of RHEON, are designed to optimize absorption of low-speed linear and rotational impacts, therefore decreasing pressures communicated to the brain.
  • Conehead EPS Technology (Conehead EPS): Provides a softer lining, with the cones assisting in the management or absorption of an impact force more effectively. In order to provide a more progressive reaction to low and high-speed collisions, six key zones have been finely adjusted.
  • Expanded Volume EPS: Volume has been increased. Increased impact-absorbing EPS in strategic regions of the helmet, allowing for greater separation of the head from the ground. 

4. Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet


  • For cooling and comfort, a velocity-flow ventilation system is used.
  • Removable/washable air channeled comfort lining that wicks away moisture.
  • Chin bar with EPS lining
  • Integrated roost guard with vents
  • The chin strap is padded and has a D-ring clasp and a strap keeper.
  • It comes with a warranty of five years
  • The helmet is DOT and ECE approved


  • The helmet is noisy. 
  • The plastic knobs that keep the visor in place are prone to breaking.

When the riding becomes tough, Bell’s Velocity-Flow ventilation system pushes a tonne of cold air in and a tonne of warm air out to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. The Bell MX 9 Helmet is equipped with a moisture-wicking liner that is meant to channel air where it is needed. The liner is completely detachable and machine washable. 


  • Comfort: I liked the detachable, washable, anti-bacterial liner. It isn’t the softest helmet on the market, but it didn’t take long to break in. Wear it all day, and you’ll yearn for additional cushioning. The mouth vent is joined by two open ones on either side and two more on the top of the helmet, with four rear exhaust vents. The expanded chin bar also directs a lot of air up past your face, making this a great summer, green-laning, or trail helmet.
  • Safety: When SHARP, the government-funded motorcycle helmet safety testing system, examines Bell helmets, they regularly do well. Bell has built the MX-9 Adventure with MIPS technology, which stands for ‘Multi-directional Impact Protection System’, to build on this excellent reputation.

5. AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid Helmet


  • The shell is made entirely of carbon fiber.
  • There are three different shell sizes (XS-SM, MD-LG, XL-3XL)
  • 5-density EPS is available in four different sizes.
  • Internal chin channels distribute airflow uniformly throughout the whole shield surface, including the interior of the shield.
  • Increased stability is achieved through the use of an adjustable integrated spoiler that may be adjusted.
  • Nose guard and wind protection are easily removed.
  • Suitable for those who wear glasses


  • Some owners have complained that the chin strap is too far back on the neck.
  • Generally speaking, ventilation and noise suppression are satisfactory.

Modular cask wearers, happy! The AGV Sport Modular Carbon Helmet is ready to send you miles. Built with the AGV Pista GP R in mind, the Sportmodular is equally protected and lightweight. 

The helmet is two-sided and reversible, depending on the weather. You may choose the greatest level of comfort. The GT3 face shield is designed for the insert lens Pinlock 120, which is fogging at the fingers of your race level. Metal hardware at the chin bar firmly shuts the bar. Swap the face shield easily without any tool. 


  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System): A big front vent, chin guard vent, and a rear extractor hollowed out in the shell all send air to the rider’s head without interfering with the internal sunscreen are all included. 
  • Lightweight: The chin bar is made entirely of carbon fiber, which ensures optimum lightness and balances even when used in the open position.
  • Anti-Scratch Shield: Face shields are available in two sizes, both of which are anti-scratch. This allows for an optimal fit between shield and shell of any size while also reducing air draughts and noise. The integrated anti-scratch inner sun shield may be removed without the need for tools and is available in two sizes.

6. Sedici Sistema II Helmet


  • Multi-density cheek pads that are removable and washable are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.
  • Padding that can be adjusted at the forehead and temples for a total of 5mm of customization
  • The addition of a detachable chin skirt helps to reduce wind noise (included)
  • Inserts of reflective material at the bottom of the neck roll and on the cheek pads
  • Face shields are made of anti-scratch polycarbonate that may be removed quickly.


  • The top port, which allows air to enter the helmet, might be more effective.

A unique mix of aramid and fiberglass is formed into an aerodynamic form optimized for decreased turbulence and elevations to create a pleasant high-speed riding condition. The Sistema 2 ventilation design and the revised EPS air channels have transported fresh air through rear exhaust ports from front intake vents to keep the rider cool. A re-engineered, stronger hinge and post mechanism for the modular bar allows the helmet to get total safety certificates from DOT and ECE.

A dark smoky inside sun visor deploys with the fast pull of a glove-friendly slider. The winding moisture inside gives antibacterial treatment and is readily removed during the whole cycle. Small cushioning sections on the brow and temples enable you to modify the fit to 5mm.


  • Safety: Kevlar reinforcement runs from above the visor to the back of the helmet on Strada II helmets, which are available in either fiberglass or carbon fiber construction. 
  • Noise: Sedici makes several promises about how they’ve decreased noise with the Strada II. They claim better aerodynamics will reduce noise from the shell, while a bigger chin curtain and neck roll would prevent noise from below. 
  • Ventilation: There’s a single vent in the chin bar that can be opened and closed with a big, glove-friendly slider. There are two crown vents on the roof, each with big sliders that must be opened and closed separately. 

7. Arai XD-4 Helmet


  • A comfortable headliner, as well as micro-fitting 5mm, peel away temple pads.
  • Fully detachable, replacement and machine washable Interior features include a comfortable headliner, cheek cushions, and chinstrap coverings.
  • Dry-Cool technology keeps you dry and cool, allowing you to enjoy more comfort while exercising.
  • FCS is an abbreviation for Foreign Commercial Service (Facial Contour Support) Design of the cheek pad with a 5mm peel-away layer
  • Better aerodynamic stability at greater street speeds thanks to a more streamlined shell.
  • The top diffuser vents have been modified to include exhaust openings.
  • Increased number of intake holes on the chin vent


  • No negatives have been noticed yet.

The Arai XD4 is regarded as one of the best ADV touring helmets available and one of the few to have a Snell safety grade. The XD4 has all of the wonderful features seen in Arai’s other helmets, including the comfort lining and 5mm peel-away cheek pads that let riders customize their fit. 

The Arai XD4 Helmet’s shell has also been aerodynamically adjusted, and when used in conjunction with the removable floating peak, it channels air into the revised vents, increasing overall ventilation and reducing buffeting at high speeds. 


  • Safety: Arai goes to great efforts to make helmets safe. The Arai XD4 is DOT and ECE 22-05 certified (Europe), and the Snell Foundation has tested and certified the US version. This is precisely what you want to hear when buying a helmet. 
  • Ventilation: There are three vents in the chin, two brow vents in the shield itself, and two huge scoops on top.
  • Roost Guard: This peak functions both as a solar shield and, when you take the helmet off-road, it works as a roost guard to stop the mud and piercing stones of other bikes.

8. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet


  • The chin bar can be raised or lowered with either hand thanks to the easy-to-use flip-up design.
  • Pockets for communication system speakers
  • When the visor isn’t on the helmet, there are removable block-off plates provided.
  • Metal visor hardware that folds. 
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Some users have complained about the noise of the helmet.

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet is a Swiss helmet’s all-in-one military knife. The modular chin bar lets you alleviate the claustrophobia or ask for directions while the peak and big eye hole off-road styles deflect roost, shield sunlight, and enable you to wear guns while tearing through trails. 

The helmet has additional features like an Everclear Face Shield, and the Speedview Dropdown Sun View keeps your vision clear and ready for anything around the nearest bend. If you hit the highway, the top viewfinder is removed quickly to offer you an aerodynamic profile so you can bug at speed. Compatible eyeglass cheek pads and the KwikWick II liner provide complete comfort.


  • Lightweight, robust, and impact-resistant, the LG Polycarbonate shell is designed to provide maximum impact displacement.
  • Superior energy displacement is achieved by the use of Dual Density EPS, a sophisticated multi-layer EPS.
  • Cooling air is forced into the helmet through intake vents on the top, while heated air is forced out through exhaust vents on the sides.
  • Mouth vent with two positions The first position serves as a defroster, while the second serves as both a defroster and a ventilation system.

9. Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet


  • Race Star is 10 percent lower in weight than the regular Star model.
  • Zoom in on the Panovision Raceview Viewport
  • A Panovision ProTint Photochromic face shield is included with the purchase.
  • 3K Carbon Shell with Flex Impact Liner
  • Cheek pads with triple-density foam
  • Magnefusion cheek pads in the shade Virus Cool Jade Mesh Liner


  • No negatives have been noticed yet.

The Bell Race Star Flex Helmet is now more comfortable. The Race Star Flex is 10% lighter than the Race Star and has redesigned triple-density cheek pads for added comfort. The Race Star’s design incorporates a superlight 3K Carbon Shell, Raceview ergonomics for unsurpassed visibility, and a three-layer Flex Impact Liner to accommodate slow, mid, and high-intensity impacts. 


  • For high-speed comfort, the Bell Race Star Flex boasts a tiny neck roll opening and tight cheek pads.
  • Pro Star and Race Star helmets have the Flex impact liner, a three-layer impact liner designed to control energy from low, mid, and high-speed impacts.
  • The Pro Star and Race Star feature a Raceview profile intended for a tucked, compact posture.

10. Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Helmet


  • 3D molded Kwikfit cheek pads with spectacles
  • Speaker pockets for Bluetooth communication systems
  • Enhanced fog-free performance with breath deflector
  • Wind noise reduction aero skirt chin curtain
  • The helmet has a titanium double D-ring


  • The helmet is quite expensive.

The Scorpion’s primary track-spec helmet is the EXO-R1 Air Helmet. The EXO-R1 Air, which has been race-tested and tuned, delivers a slew of winning characteristics to all types of road riding. The EXO-R1 Air is the first helmet to have the Ultra-TCT shell, which offers great strength, low weight, and superior impact dispersion. The aerodynamic design of this helmet has been optimized for less drag and lift. 


  • Ultra-TCT multi-layered shell blends fiberglass, aramid, and poly-resin fibers for maximum strength and impact dispersion
  • Aero-tuned shell reduces drag, improves balance, and mobility
  • Advanced multi-layer EPS absorbs more energy and increases ventilation.
  • With 4 port exhaust spoiler system with EPS channels for optimum flow-thru

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Motorcycle Helmet

1. Testing and Certifications: 

The US Department of Transportation has put procedures in place to guarantee all motorcycle helmets sold in the country are fully inspected.

2. Visibility: 

Wearing a helmet that obstructs eyesight is extremely dangerous. The helmet should provide you with a good view of the road ahead and the cars behind you.

3. Ventilation: 

Ventilation in the helmet is critical. Ventilation won’t improve the helmet’s overall performance, but it will make it more comfortable. A properly vented helmet will be cooler and less sweaty.

4. Pricing: 

When it comes down to it, price is always a consideration. In reality, most shoppers will just consider the price. This is not advised. Nonetheless, you must ensure that your money is well spent. Make sure you do your homework and purchase the best protective helmet you can afford. 


That brings us to the conclusion of our best motorcycle helmet selections. Helmet technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, and all of the new developments have made this one of the most exciting years in our history. 

This winner’s circle of helmets symbolizes the pinnacle of what is currently available in the world of helmets, but we don’t want to rest on our laurels. Make sure to check out our top-ranked selections for the best motorcycle helmet of 2022, which includes items for every type of riding.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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