Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet Review

Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet Review

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Shoei Neotec modular helmet is a high-end product with superior quality, a sleek appearance, and exceptional performance. This modular helmet, which costs more than $500, provides the same level of protection and safety as a full-face helmet.

When hardcore motorcyclists hear about modular helmets, they frequently shake their heads in displeasure, claiming that they are excessively hefty and do not give adequate protection on the road owing to the flip-up top.

However, after seeing this fantastic model, which is a fine illustration of Shoei’s hard work, most of them changed their thoughts. It’s designed to provide you with a lot of fun on longer journeys. To discover out, keep reading our Shoei Neotec 2 review!


The Shoei Neotec II is a follow-up to the highly regarded Shoei Neotec I modular helmet. It’s a well-built touring helmet with an excellent visor system and a drop-down sun visor. It also supports an integrated Sena Bluetooth setup. This flip-front helmet is suited for miles since it is comfy and well-ventilated. Owners and riders alike appear to like it.

Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet: Features and Benefits


The helmet measures 15.5 x 11.5 x 12.5 inches and weighs 5.4 pounds. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, though. Even though the Neotec II is a little on the heavier side, weighing between 1.8Kg and 4lbs, depending on size.

The inside of the helmet, including the cheek pads and chinstrap cover, is detachable and washable, and the multilayered cheek cushions have been revised to limit wind and noise intrusion and give even more comfort than before.

Shoei offers cheek pads in various sizes to further customize the fit if the fit isn’t just perfect. Overall, the Neotec II is considered warm and comfy and employs high-quality materials to create a helmet that’s simple to live with on the road, despite its higher weight.

Design and Shape

The Neotec has a modular design, one of the first things you’ll notice about it. A button on the helmet allows it to transition from a full-face helmet to an open-face helmet in seconds, which is the most excellent feature.

So, you may be thinking, doesn’t it undermine the helmet’s design? No, it does not, and that is the correct answer. Shoei developed it with a locking device that keeps the chin bar in place when it’s in the full-face position.

Their locking system has been demonstrated to survive high-impact crashes and any full-face helmet, both on and off the road. Having a modular design means you can open the visor to let fresh air in and stay cool when it’s hot outside.

To remain warm on chilly days while still keeping your head and face cool, you may seal the front chin bar and wear it as a full-face helmet by pulling it back. It’s like wearing two helmets in one, with all the advantages of each.


The visor provides an extremely clear vision, and condensation isn’t an issue thanks to the included Pinlock Evo anti-fog insert. While some individuals claim water seeps behind it from the top when entirely closed, I noticed that the prior Neotec likewise sealed flawlessly.

It’s simple to open the visor for increased ventilation, and it remains open at any speed. A one-inch step follows five additional ratchet steps to open completely. Because the visor fitting differs somewhat from the original Neotec, you will not be able to utilize your previous visor.

The sun shield slides down from the left side of the lid, right below the visor — it’s simple to use and doesn’t contact the nose bridge. While I prefer a black visor in strong sunshine, a drop-down sun cover is still a valuable complement, particularly in variable lighting.


The inside is made to fit the rider’s head perfectly. All cushioning is 3D contoured, providing excellent comfort while maintaining a high degree of protection throughout the riding. The inside is multi-layered, removable, and washable in every way.

You may choose from various different-sized cheek pads that are easily removable, depending on your preferences. Shoei met all of its customers’ expectations in terms of cheek pad thickness.


According to Shoei, the Neotec II lets even more air in. Besides the solitary chin bar vent, a lovely, big, glove-friendly panel covers it. A single crown vent is also present, again concealed by a big slider.

These draw air into the helmet, which is then evacuated by a massive double extractor in the rear. The Neotec II’s owners claim that a lot of air enters the Shoei. They claim that the vents are simple to locate and control when wearing gloves.

There is a one-inch space between the first detent and the visor’s cracked-open or city position. The fact that many cyclists ride with their visors split open for a little more air while yet being protected beneath the visor is an oversight.

Safety Measurements


Since the Neotec II is DOT-approved, our expectations were raised right from the outset of our testing process. Shoei’s Multi-Ply Matrix AIM architecture is used on the external shell. Fiberglass was blended with various organic and high-performance fibers in this design.

Fiberglass is lighter than other materials, and the Neotec II is flexible in terms of impact absorption since it is constructed of various high-performance fibers. The Neotec line’s successor includes several EPS foam densities that adjust the impact absorption to the location of the helmet.

The Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme is one of the safety assessments (SHARP). Because it simulates real-life incidents, it’s a credible source of safety ratings. The Neotec II’s ECE version received the same 4/5 star safety certification as the original Neotec.


  • Great design and look
  • Excellent build quality
  • Complete SENA SRL integration
  • The rider’s audio is excellent
  • Interior comfort system


  • Still a little heavy
  • A bit costly

Final Verdict

Shoei has taken a good helmet that scored highly in various categories and improved and enhanced it further with the Neotec II. It’s also a bit heavy – however, none of the owners we spoke with believed this was an issue.

Apart from those drawbacks, customers say it’s a great helmet with remarkable comfort, airflow, build quality, and visor technology. It’s not inexpensive, but they claim it’s a delight to wear as a daily helmet or cruising across countries.

The Sena SRL is also one of the finest if searching for a helmet that combines a Bluetooth kit. Aside from its chin guard score and the fact that it’s not the quietest helmet, the Neotec II is likely to please Shoei’s build quality fans.

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