Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300

10 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300

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One of the things that all motorcyclists should invest in is an excellent motorcycle helmet. This list will provide some of the greatest brands to consider, whether you’re purchasing your first helmet or upgrading an old one. Here are some of the top full-face helmets on the market today if your budget is around $300.

We’ll help you narrow things down by examining the most excellent features and new technologies and their strengths and flaws before giving you our final verdict. As a result, we’ve conducted extensive research for our list and even tested a variety of helmets to determine the best motorcycle helmet under $300.

Entry Level


AGV K1 Helmet

Mid Range


Sedici Strada II Helmet

High End


Icon Airflite Helmet

1. AGV K3 SV Helmet


  • Pinlock included
  • Easy to operate sun visor
  • Optimal ventilation


  • Limited shapes and fit

The features and design of this AGV K3 SV helmet are based on the original K3 helmet. A drop-down sun visor and Bluetooth speakers are just two features that have made this helmet an excellent affordable option for motorcycles. It boasts a tool-free visor system and an Extra Quick Release System.

Its face shield has a Parametrical Visor Seal for maximum weather and wind protection. For easy washing and cleaning, the inside cheek pads & liners are detachable. Because it comes in two different shell sizes and four different EPS sizes, it can accommodate persons of varying heights and weights.

As a result, the helmet’s individual feels as if it was built just for them. High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin structure and aerodynamic design make this helmet a good value for the money you’re spending on it. It promises to give the rider the necessary safety and comfort and good eyesight in all weather.

2. HJC F70 Helmet


  • Aerodynamic & quiet
  • Superior Fit and Comfort
  • Superior Anti-Fog Lens


  • Little Chin Space

You will not be disappointed if you get an HJC F70 for the summer. The helmet’s complete exterior/outer shell is an extremely durable fiberglass shell. It reduces the weight of the helmet significantly compared to polycarbonate-shelled helmets. It is the lightest weight you can obtain without sacrificing durability.

The helmet’s design looks influenced by fighter pilot helmets, from its clean polygonal shape to its combination of matte and glossy hues and its straightforward visual design. With the HJC F70’s safety, they’ve kept it simple yet effective. The helmet is secured in place with a double-d ring strap.

When it comes to ventilation, the F70 seems to follow the path taken by most motorcycle helmets: ACS, or Advanced Channelling System. Finally, the visor must be discussed. HJC has opted for a more traditional approach to the visor—removing the quick-release visor that is so popular in today’s helmets.

3.AGV K1 Helmet


  • Good ventilation system
  • Great Peripheral Vision
  • Good quality liner


  • No pinlock included

Designed by AGV Racing, the K1 helmet is among the best motorcycle helmet under $300 dollars today. This helmet has an aerodynamic design and enlarged front air vents intended explicitly for racing to make it the ideal helmet for racing. A lab-tested spoiler is also included in the AGV K1 for optimal stability at high speeds.

The firm has supplied anti-scratch and anti-fog characteristics for the greatest lateral and vertical field of view experience and cushion soft interiors for riders’ comfort. In terms of safety, this helmet has a robust thermoplastic shell that offers stiffness and keeps the helmet in good working order.

A four-density EPS construction in the helmet’s inner shell ensures superior protection against impacts while making it easier for riders of all sizes to have a good fit. Inspired by MotoGP’s central air intake design, this helmet allows more air when the rider assumes the race position for enhanced comfort.

4. Sedici Strada II Helmet


  • Adjustable inner lining
  • Pinlock ready visor
  • Maximum noise reduction


  • A bit heavy

It is the brand’s most cheap model, yet it performs just as well as more expensive helmets. It comprises fiberglass and aramid fibers and comes in three sizes for simple fitting. Its aerodynamic construction lowers turbulence and provides passengers with a smooth and pleasant ride. This helmet has excellent ventilation.

It has a dual-density EPS liner that gives it a sleek appearance, and it has cut-out channels that allow air to circulate freely within the helmet. The detachable chin pad that seals the bottom of the helmet to prevent noise is unique to this model, but the inside cushions are similar to prior versions in that they can be washed.

Because of its comfort, lightweight, affordability, and safety-approved certification, this helmet has made it to our list of top helmets under $300. It comes in three distinct shell sizes and four EPS liner sizes and is ventilated well. We believe it is an excellent deal at $300 because of these qualities.

5. Icon Airflite Helmet


  • Good quality liner
  • Twin air channels 
  • Fog-free shield


  • A little bulky

Suppose you are looking for a helmet that is not only relatively inexpensive but also has high-end features and safety precautions. In that case, the Icon Airflite helmet is your best option. Its polycarbonate shell is coated on the inside with hydra-dry detachable and washable cushions that absorb moisture and keep it breathable.

It has a double-D ring fastening and is DOT and ECE-approved for safety. It has a central vent that looks like a motocross helmet and provides protection and ventilation. It also has an anti-fog face shield and provides convenience and comfort in all weather situations, including summer and winter.

In addition to that, it is offered in various sizes, making it suitable for people of any size. The main drawback is the absence of an emergency release method, but it’s a good motor gear alternative for the price. It’s a great buy at this price because of the eye-catching appearance and usefulness it provides.

6. Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet


  • Very lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • ECE and DOT rated


  • No pin lock

The Lane Splitter is designed for road cyclists who desire a super-stylish helmet that’s also functional. The Biltwell Lane Splitter is commonly regarded as a comfortable helmet with a good interior comfort liner made of soft, moisture-wicking material. There are a lot of wonderful retro-style hues to choose from.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter features a urethane chin bar and a polycarbonate ABS shell. Again, that’s a chin bar made of plastic. Your Lane Splitter will be DOT and ECE certified when you purchase it. It indicates that it has passed several stringent safety tests to guarantee that it will adequately protect you.

At the very least, you can see most of it. Those nice-looking chin bar vents do exactly what they say on the tin: they keep the parts of your face behind them cool. And they keep you cool no matter what the weather is like since they’re always open and can’t be closed. It isn’t anti-fog, but there is so much airflow that it doesn’t fog up.

7. Scorpion EXO-R420 Helmet


  • Wide field of vision
  • 100% UV blocking
  • Quick-release tabs


  • A bit noisy

You won’t be able to locate another helmet that resembles this one. This distinctively styled helmet will make you stand out from the crowd. This full-face helmet features a white polycarbonate shell. As a final touch, doodling inspired by tattoos with prominent sugar skulls is adorning every inch.

This helmet is simple to fit because of the large range of sizing possibilities. When you really start riding, you’ll be able to enjoy the aerodynamics of this one. The aero-tuned ventilation system has a wide top vent and mouth vents that provide additional airflow to the rider’s head while keeping noise levels low.

The visor is held in place by the Elliptic ii ratchet mechanism. The interior of this helmet has a great lining. It’s ultra-plush, machine washable, and antibacterial. You won’t have to deal with strange, unpleasant odors coming from your helmet anymore. You’ll enjoy putting it on every time because of the unique fit you can get.

8. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet


  • Superior Ventilation
  • ECE and DOT approved
  • 5 years warranty


  • No pinlock

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet comes with a MIPS (multi-directional impact-absorbing system) impact-absorbing liner, as the name indicates. The MIPS technology allows your head to move inside the helmet during an impact, decreasing rotational strain on your brain. If you fall at an angle, this increases your safety.

The Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet is lightweight and comfortable and provides enhanced safety. The adjustable ventilation system and cushioned wind collar aid with airflow. The internal padding is removable and machine washable on this helmet, including integrated speaker pockets.

On the helmet shell of the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS, there are a lot of vents. There are a pair of chin vents controlled by a single switch and four brow vents located just above the visor and controlled by a tiny central switch. There are also two distinct crown vents, each controlled by a slider behind the vent.

9. HJC i10 Helmet


  • Excellent sports fit
  • Good adjustable airflow
  • Strong visor indents


  • A bit noisy

The HJC i10 Helmet pushes the boundaries of a polycarbonate shell to develop a full-face helmet with a light, aerodynamic shell, and an affordable price tag. The HJC i10 also has a wide vent aperture in the chin bar, which is a source of fresh air on hot days and a means of decreasing fogging on frigid rides.

It works, and the face shield has Pinlock pins for people who ride in situations when fogging is challenging to avoid. The face shield seems to be in good optical condition, with no unusual distortions. The eye port provides the rider with a wide field of view, which is critical for any street-oriented motorcycle helmet.

HJC employs a regular double-D ring to keep the helmet on your head and a button to keep the strap in place. It functioned as intended. The three movable intake air vents can work thanks to the plush interior’s cutouts on the top. You can certainly feel the breeze coming from the two top vents.

10. Bell SRT Predator Blackout Helmet


  • Lightweight construction
  • Internal sun visor
  • Five-year warranty


  • Limited shell sizes

Bell did an excellent job with the design, featuring crisp lines and a blacked-out aesthetic resulting in a truly attractive helmet. The ‘Blackout’ graphic is featured on the Predator Blackout. For maximum safety, the helmet is both DOT-approved and ECE-approved. The chin strap is quite comfortable and secures the wearer.

On the subject of comfort, being confined in a helmet on a hot day may be a pain, but we felt very comfortable inside the Bell even on the warmest days. Despite having just two vents and one on the chin bar, the helmet provides excellent airflow and keeps you cool. You have a lot of vision while looking through the shield.

SRT eyewear is also compatible with Bell’s SRT eyewear, which is terrific for those who wear glasses, but it also means that you don’t have to spend additional money on tinted visors. In addition to this, the shell is very lightweight, which is particularly impressive when one considers the reasonable price of the helmet.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

As a rider, you have a lot of alternatives in the middle range. You must choose from several various possibilities. We’ve put up a comprehensive shopping guide for the best motorcycle helmet under $300 that considers all essential factors.


The material gets limited while seeking the finest motorcycle helmets for around $300. This budget’s lowest choice is a polycarbonate composite shell. Despite its low cost, this material has high impact resistance. Fiberglass is more expensive than polycarbonate. They do, however, sometimes flex. On a solid impact, this might lead to a split. 

It is why the Polycarbonate shell is a superior choice. Carbon fiber is ideal for motorcycle helmets because it evenly distributes force. On the other hand, carbon fiber helmets are prohibitively costly and scarce for under $300. So, if you want a good carbon fiber helmet, you’ll have to spend more money.


We are sure that you will never choose a helmet with a less appealing design and color choice. The color of your motorcycle helmet is generally a factor in your helmet selection. Likewise, a cool-looking design attracts you and makes driving more enjoyable.

Comfort Level 

When you ride your motorcycle, you will always wear a helmet. So, if it’s not pleasant for you, you’ll be enraged the whole time. With this in mind, you should get a helmet with enough cushioning. The cushioning is detachable and washable, ensuring safety and comfort. It ensures that your helmet does not have a bad odor.


Your helmet should have little ventilators. Otherwise, you may get claustrophobic feelings in the region. The air will aid breathing. In such a cramped space, there is a lot of heat. These vents aid in the removal of heated air. The cold air then fills the space, making you feel more at ease.


It is a crucial consideration for every rider. Make sure you’re comfortable with the helmet’s weight. The greater the helmet’s weight, the greater the impact it can absorb. The typical weight is between 1.4 and 1.8 kg. It varies depending on the size. Choose a weight that is easy for you to balance while riding.


The motorcycle helmet’s safety features approval is one of the most critical elements to consider. The Department of Transportation, or DOT, oversees such rules in North America. While in Europe, search for the ECE (European Commission for Europe).

Check for DOT or ECE certification on the helmet. Snell certification is the most reliable certification system for motorcycle helmets. Snell is a testing-related nonprofit organization. The safest helmet certification available is the Snell certification.


When riding a motorcycle, the helmet you’re wearing must be visible enough to see. Some of the helmets feature extra goggles for dust or bug protection, which you may have noticed. As a result, having a helmet with outstanding vision is a must-have requirement while shopping for a helmet.


For each model, a variety of sizes is available. The size must be taken into consideration. Your experience might be ruined if you choose the incorrect size. Customers will not be confused since the maker gives a detailed sizing chart. Before buying the helmet, be sure to check the sizing chart.


In an accident, a helmet must be tough enough to protect the head. It should also be dependable enough to sustain a collision when it comes to hitting the ground. Helmets are in direct contact with the environment; thus, they should be composed of durable materials.


Is it preferable to wear a modular helmet or a full-face helmet?

It is dependent on the location in which you wear your helmet and the people’s riding skills. A full-face helmet is an ideal option if your primary concern is safety. It shields the whole head and face from harm. A modular helmet is a smart option if you want a clear vision when wearing and removing your helmet.

Are high-priced motorcycle helmets really worth it?

It is contingent on the wearing of a helmet. An expensive helmet is a better alternative if you must travel for a lengthy time. These helmets are preferred since they’re comfier and lighter than cheaper alternatives. If you wear the helmet sometimes, an inexpensive helmet will do.

Is it necessary to have ventilation in a helmet?

Yes, it’s the middle of summer, and you’re behind the wheel with your helmet jammed full of loose items. How exactly do you plan to provide the required amount of oxygen while wearing the helmet? Some helmets include ventilation devices to allow for adequate airflow.

Why are some motorcycle helmets so costly?

Motorcycle helmets are pricey for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they are manufactured with high-quality materials to protect the user. Helmets, too, are made with appealing designs and colors for a stylish appearance. Furthermore, since the helmet’s interior is ergonomic and comfy, they are often costly.

What is the ideal fit for a motorcycle helmet?

When you feel consistent pressure all over your head, and when your skin should move anytime your helmet is adjusted, you may declare that your helmet is appropriately tightened. When you move your head around, you should not experience any feelings of stiffness or pain.


A proper helmet will keep your head safe from a variety of dangers. Even though a helmet cannot give complete protection and cannot ensure your survival in the most dangerous situations, riding carefully is crucial.

We discussed the best motorcycle helmet for under $300 in this post. These helmets meet all of the criteria and believe us when they are well worth your money. So, what are you going to get? Ride carefully and have a pleasant journey!

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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