HJC IS Max II Review

HJC IS Max II Review

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“This is a great value for the price. You get a lot of features for the money and there are a lot of options to choose from”. 

The IS-MAX II is an upgrade from the previous model and it’s got a few new features. We found the IS-MAX II to be a bit more comfortable than the first model, but it is not as light as the Max 1. It is also a lot more expensive. If you are looking for a great helmet with a high level of fit and comfort and you want to have the best protection for your money, then we would recommend the IS-MAX II.

HJC’s IS-Max II is a modular helmet, which means it’s fully removable, and you can swap it out with different components depending on your preferences. This model comes with the HJC’s IS-Max II shell, and a visor, and it includes two face shields. It also has two sets of ear pads, which you can remove and change if you prefer, and it also comes with an HJC’s IS-Max II liner

Features of HJC IS-Max II

Lighter Weight

We really like that HJC made a modular helmet. We have a hard time finding modular helmets so we can swap out pieces of the shell for different head shapes.

We wanted to give you a better understanding of how the IS-MAX compares to the IS in terms of weight and comfort. When you compare the two helmets you’ll see that the IS-MAX weighs less than the IS. It is also slightly narrower than the IS.

Restyled & More Aerodynamic

The big news for this helmet is that it spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel getting refined from an aerodynamic standpoint. According to HJC, this updated aerodynamically designed shell helps make the helmet quieter and more stable at speed.

The IS-MAX II is an updated version of the IS-MAX, which many of us have been using for the past 3 years. We like the look of this helmet better, but it’s still a good helmet. The IS-MAX II is made in the USA and is very lightweight, so it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It’s also extremely easy to clean and maintain.


The IS-Max II is a very comfortable helmet. There was a lot of space for my head inside, and the padding around my ears and neck area was plush and soft. W liked how the IS-Max II fit snugly around my head, but also how it allowed me to move my head without feeling restricted.

We used this helmet for years on my road bike, but it was never really my favorite. That changed when we purchased a new bike and needed a new helmet. We tried several helmets before finding one that fit my head shape perfectly. The HJC fits me like a glove and is incredibly comfortable. We also love the added coverage. 

Miscellaneous Features 

The HJC IS-Max is available in three sizes. The strap pad on the IS-Max is thick and padded, but not as thick as the strap pad on the IS-MAX II. 


  • SuperCool Interior moisture-wicking anti-bacterial fabric
  • Removable and washable liner and cheek pads
  • All sizes of cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmet sizes
  • Meets or Exceeds DOT Standards


  • It is somehow an expensive helmet as compared to other helmets with the same features

Things to consider while buying a helmet 


The IS-Max 2 is not only comfortable and ergonomic, but it is also very safe. It has been tested to meet the highest standards of the Snell Memorial Foundation and has received a rating of 4 stars for safety.

The HJC IS-Max II has an excellent fit and finish. It has a more contoured fit than the first version and I found it comfortable and secure. The helmet features a venting system that allows air to pass through the helmet. The HJC IS-Max II also has a chin bar that is not removable and I was able to easily see the entire face of the rider while wearing the helmet.

The main difference between polycarb and polycarbonate helmets is that the latter is more expensive and is used for high-end helmets.

Fitting and Size

In the past, helmets were often made for smaller heads, but with the increased popularity of the sport, it’s now possible to get a helmet that fits larger heads. A bigger head doesn’t necessarily mean you need a bigger helmet, it just means that you should take the time to find the right size for you.

There are many different sizes of motorcycle helmets, ranging from small to large. And if you have a big head, you may want to consider a larger size. Remember, when you’re buying a motorcycle helmet, make sure that it fits your head properly, not just that it looks good on your head. A helmet should fit snugly on your head, but not so tight that it chokes you or cuts off your circulation. 

Helmet Noise

We have ridden with the IS-Max II and it’s pretty good at reducing wind noise. We have also ridden with the K-Edge Elite and it’s not bad either. We are sure it depends on the rider, but in general, we would say that the IS-Max II is noisier than other helmets. 


The IS-Max II is a comfortable helmet, especially if you are not wearing glasses. It is also a great fit for people with larger heads. We have found it to be very well ventilated, and the ventilation system has been improved over the old IS Max.

Chin Guard

The chin guard has been improved with a new design that now uses metal pegs rather than plastic ones. This means that it will be easier to open the chin guard with just one hand when riding, and it will also reduce the risk of the chin guard opening in an accident.

Alternative to HJC IS-Max II is HJC I90 

The HJC I 90 is a budget version of the HJC RPHA 90s Carbon helmet. It is made from the same shell as the RPHA 90s Carbon, but instead of a carbon fiber shell, it’s made from an ABS plastic shell. The HJC I 90 is designed for those that just want a budget version of the RPHA 90s Carbon.

The i90 comes with a chin bar, which can be removed. This means you can easily swap out the chin bar with another, a different one.

The i90 is one of the most affordable modular helmets on the market. The i90 is also designed to be easy to adjust and install. The i90 comes with an easy-to-use quick-release buckle system and a removable strap for extra versatility.

Final Verdict

This is a great helmet for those who want a more “moto” look. If you are looking for a full-face helmet, you can’t go wrong with the HJC IS-Max. It has a lot of great features including the smooth visor lift system which helps you to raise and lower the visor without having to touch it. Also, it comes with a chin bar that helps you to hold your head up while riding.

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