Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders

10 Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders

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Harley riders wearing full-face helmets isn’t something you see all the time. Since the beginning, they’ve only ridden with open-faced helmets.

According to scientific research, open-face helmets have a bad reputation when it comes to safety. Full face helmets are only worn when higher safety is desired. This might be a difficult task since you do not want to sacrifice beauty in order to have enough protection. 

Therefore, we have listed the 10 best full-face helmets for Harley riders to choose wisely. We did our expert research to choose the best full-face helmet for Harley Riders.

Entry Level


Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

Mid Range


Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet

High End


Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet

1. Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet


  • The composite shell that is both light and strong
  • Tool-free shield removal approved by DOT/ECE
  • The liner that can be removed and is antimicrobial
  • Sun visor located on the inside of the vehicle.
  • speakers and boom mics built right into the pockets
  • Vents on the chin that may be adjusted on either side
  • Ventilation in the front and back of the unit
  • Chin noise and air dam are detachable and replaceable.


  • The helmet is noisy
  • Too expensive according to the features.

The Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet was designed entirely with motorcycle riders in mind, combining the traditional tough-guy Bandit style with features riders have come to expect from a decent lid. 

The Ghost Bandit is built to handle almost any sort of riding while still delivering edgy design and total comfort. The lightweight shell is aerodynamically optimized for motorcycle riding and completely vented for optimum airflow when you need it the most. Integrated speaker and microphone pockets make it simple to attach to your preferred communication device, and a drop-down sun visor makes riding in changing lighting situations as simple as turning a switch.

The Ghost Bandit is for you if you like the appearance of a Simpson Helmet but desire the creature’s comforts of a touring helmet. 


  • Ventilation: Because Simpson has sought to keep the front clutter-free, ventilation on the Ghost Bandit is somewhat determined by the design of the helmet. Aside from the prominent ones on either side of the chin guard, there are four little crown vents on top and a couple of exhaust vents on each side towards the back.  
  • Face Shields: The Ghost Bandit’s shield is big and provides good peripheral and vertical vision. With a fast release, it’s easy to remove, clean, and replace. 

2. Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet


  • SpeedView no-fog sun visor with internal tinting
  • Includes a transparent night vision visor and a Kwikwick 2 antimicrobial fabric liner for comfort while riding at night.
  • Removable front mask with neodymium magnets made of dual-density EPS.
  • Removable ear flaps with aerodynamic tuning for ventilation.


  • Because of the tinted visor mechanism, driving in the dark may be a challenge.
  • A BlueTooth kit will be a challenge to stow away there.

By adding a rear bottom sleeve, you can convert your full-face helmet into a 3/4-face one while still keeping your life-saving exhaust from yelling at you. Because of this, Scorpion’s Kwikwick lining keeps you focused by directing heat and humidity to the ventilation ducts, where they can be expelled. You’ll be as calm as a cucumber during the process. You might think that’s all. Attaching the front mask protects your attractive face from insects and other roadside debris as you go down the highway. You may use the Scorpion Covert on tasks from twists to the impossible if you regularly need to go from being seen to just being heard. 


  • Safety: It comes in two different shell sizes and is constructed of polycarbonate. No matter how simple and inexpensive the shell is, it will still provide adequate protection because of the material and structure used. 
  • Ventilation: The chin bar’s vents are usually open, and the only thing in there to keep flies out is some metal gauze. However, there is no scarcity of air getting in, thanks to the area behind the face cover and those vents. 

3. Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet


  • An inner shell made of expanded polystyrene
  • Lining hand-sewn into the garment, detachable and machine washable, with diamond-stitched quilting on the outside and open-cell foam cushioning in the recesses
  • The helmet comes with a chin curtain.


  • The vent is enormous in size, and water comes through it when it rains.
  • This helmet’s wind noise and buffeting are intolerable at highway speeds.

With a Biltwell ABS outer shell and EPS shock-absorbing liner, cheek cushions, and a BioFoam chin bar cushion, this helmet provides exceptional comfort. The inner padding is hand-stitched. The chin bar has plenty of vents to help circulate air, and an exhaust port on the back allows warm air out. 

Because of its high-quality optics and simple hinge mechanics, the Lane Splitter shield is both stylish and convenient to change or clean. The shield’s left side features a brass peg and hole design for easy opening and shutting with minimal fuss. The ear recess has mesh pockets, making it ideal for most aftermarket radios and headsets. 


  • Ventilation: These stylish chin bar vents do exactly what they appear to do: they keep the parts of your face behind them cool. And they keep you cool no matter what the weather is like since the windows are constantly open and can’t be closed.
  • Shield: This face shield protects against dirt, rain, and UV rays and is made of polycarbonate. It’s also optically clear, and several owners say it offers a beautiful, undistorted perspective of the road. 

4. Biltwell Bonanza Helmet


  • The inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene.
  • A D-ring neck strap with an adjustable strap end retainer and matching diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam cushioning on the inside of the liner
  • Edging with rubber or chrome accents
  • Liner and cheek pads that are easily removed and washed
  • It complies with DOT safety regulations.


  • The shield is available for purchase separately.
  • There is no top vent.

Biltwell has attacked the status quo with a line of DOT-approved open-face helmets in a whole new range of tough-looking paint finishes. In a few short years, open-face helmets have become as common as denim and leather at motorcycle hoedowns from Baja to the Big Apple. There’s a Bonanza helmet to fit everyone’s individual head and style. 


  • Shape and Material: An EPS safety shell and hand-stitched lining with moisture-wicking Lycra panels and foam cushioning provide a round, oval shape for the Bonanzas internal padding. The general feel is great, as is the lining. 
  • Ventilation: Any open-face helmet will provide ventilation—massive air blasts our faces. No top vent means we have no control over how much air we get.

5. Shoei RF-SR Helmet


  • When the door is fully closed, the locking mechanism simply engages the shield lock.
  • EVO lens insert with anti-fog properties and pinlock pins are included
  • Shield replacement is a snap, thanks to spring-loaded base plates.
  • Fine-tuning the base plate is made simple with the spinning dial’s five stages.
  • Removable ear cushions, a breath guard, and a chin curtain give additional comfort.
  • An ordinary clip for the chin strap holds the chin strap in place.


  • No negatives have been noticed yet.

The Shoei RF-SR Helmet is designed to be quiet and comfortable. The CWR-1 shield is kept tightly against the eyeport by a constant tension spring hinge, reducing wind incursion. The RF-outer SR’s envelope is wind tunnel optimized and produced in different sizes. A smaller outer shell means less turbulence, neck strain, and overall weight. The cushioned liner’s elements may be swapped for a custom fit. Handmade in Japan, each RF-SR easily meets DOT and SNELL M2015 safety requirements.


  • Comfort and Sizing: It has Shoei’s standard high-quality lining, which is antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and completely detachable and washable.
  • Lightweight Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+): To generate a shell structure that is ultralight, stiff, and resilient, high-performance fiber materials are mixed with very elastic organic fibers.

6. Bell Rogue Helmet


  • Badassery at its finest.
  • A detachable liner is included with the muzzle.
  • The helmet is quieter and more comfortable than the majority of half-head helmets.
  • Build quality is excellent.


  • The first time you plug the muzzle, it’s a little difficult.
  • The padding on the muzzle might be a little unpleasant at times.
  • There is no ventilation on the top.

If riding a motorbike isn’t scary enough, channel your inner Bane with the Bell Rogue. The Rogue looks like a half-helmet but offers protection and comfort. The adjustable and detachable muzzle not only intimidates cagers but also protects your face from road debris and rain. The speaker-compatible lightweight composite shell provides improved riding comfort and convenience. The Rogue is a beautiful touring helmet with all the attributes of conventional touring helmets.


  • Visibility: It’s easy to see well in the bell rogue helmet because of the large viewing area. When compared to a full-face helmet, the muzzle does limit our range of vision, but it’s not as bad as we expected. The range of vision in your peripherals is at its greatest.
  • Ventilation: The muzzle decreases the face-hitting section significantly while providing maximum ventilation on the face. It’s a different thing when you’re talking about the top of your head. The absence of air openings preserves the exterior form, although, on very hot days, the hat’s hat will become heated.

7. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet


  • AIM shell that is tough and durable
  • EPS liner that is both comfortable and detachable
  • Performance that is exceptionally silent
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation
  • A built-in sun visor is included.
  • Shield with a pinlock for improved visibility
  • DOT and ECE certifications are available.


  • Models that are more costly than others
  • It is best suited for people with narrow skulls rather than round ones.
  • Because sizing is not always exact, it is best to test it first.

It was updated to fit the needs of today’s rider. The new Shoei GT-Air 2’s shell shape has developed while remaining aerodynamic and stable. The GT-Air II has a 5mm longer QSV-2 drop-down sun visor for rapid sun relief.

The GT Air 2 features a tiny ratchet chin strap and is meant to work with Sena’s GT-Air II specialized SRL 2 Bluetooth Communication System.


  • Comfort: Expanded polystyrene foam is widely used in motorcycle helmets. It’s not the softest material, but it protects your face and keeps your helmet secure when riding.
  • Visibility: As a cyclist, you’ll likely encounter a range of road conditions, so be prepared. A shaded visor is required on sunny days, and a chilly face shield may easily fog up. Fortunately, the Shoei GT Air provides outstanding visibility in any circumstances.

8. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Helmet


  • It has an interior that is removable, washable, and antimicrobial
  • It has adjustable ventilation
  • It has a design that is aerodynamic


  • No negatives have been noticed.

Also, something you love wearing. If you’re searching for a new helmet that checks most of your boxes and is reasonably priced, we recommend the Bell Qualifier. Many cyclists will appreciate the Bell Qualifier’s outstanding characteristics. You could easily spend many times as much on a more expensive or more popular helmet to obtain the same features.


  • Shape and Material: The lightweight polycarbonate and ABS composite exterior of the Bell Qualifier make it both durable and lightweight.
  • Comfort: When it comes to a safe bike helmet, the Bell qualifier has it all. When it came to safety, performance, and functionality, Bell went above and above. In addition to being extremely safe, this helmet is quite comfortable for all riders. 

9. Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth-Integrated Helmet


  • Shell made of fiberglass composite
  • There are two shell sizes.
  • EPS liner with a variety of densities
  • Face shield that is pinlock ready 
  • The liner is removable, washable, and quick to dry
  • Vents on the top and under the chin
  • The exhaust port on the back
  • Closure with a double D-ring
  • Includes a chin curtain and a breath guard that is DOT certified.


  • The buffeting becomes so severe that it causes the head to shake, obscuring your eyesight.
  • On chilly days, the air vents do absolutely nothing and become quite fogged up.

A quality composite fiberglass shell houses the Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth-Integrated Helmet’s Bluetooth technology, which is securely hidden inside. Wire wiring and speaker placement are unnecessary hassles. Instead of dealing with a microphone scraping against your cheek on otherwise idyllic journeys, you may now enjoy them without distractions. The Sena Momentum Lite has everything pre-installed.


  • Full-face helmets with built-in Bluetooth headphones are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Momentum Pros are also equipped with high-definition cameras.
  • Shells made of fiberglass
  • Fitments for both Medium Oval and Long Oval shapes are available.
  • Some double D-ring fasteners are DOT, while others are DOT and ECE.

10. Bell Bullitt Helmet


  • With tonnes of modification options, this design is very stunning.
  • Excellent field of vision Sunshield with antimicrobial and sweat-wicking lining
  • Exceptional ventilation


  • It has lids that are heavier than other ICON lids
  • It is not the most peaceful choice.
  • Intercoms that are clamped to a wall are poorly designed.

As with other Bell helmets, the Bullitt is no exception when it comes to attention to detail. While it’s not the most affordable alternative, Bell’s clever, practical features elevate it to the next level in terms of comfort and value. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with the several color and shield options available.


  • Overall Comfort: In general, the form is neutral. However, it is somewhat longer front to rear. If you have an oval-shaped skull, you may need to modify the cheek pad size. From the design to the fabric, everything appears to promote comfort. The tiny chin bar is out of the way and unnoticeable to the rider.
  • Visibility: The shield is the most visually appealing component of the helmet, thanks to the understated chin guard. The large glass improves peripheral sight and overall visibility.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders

1. Shell Type

Your helmet’s material must be sturdy, durable, and safe for your head. That’s why manufacturers choose plastics over metal. It’s a foundation for a polycarbonate/ABS plastic or another poly-alloy shell.

A light shell is also a plus.

2. Shell Form

The shape of the helmet shell determines how the wind affects you. With an aerodynamic shell, your head will not be obstructed. You’ll keep balanced even at fast speeds. Unstable with a blocky helmet.

3. Noise Reduction

Noise is a major concern when driving. Helmets have become a source of noise cancellation from other cars and the wind. These features and functions vary among helmets. So, before buying, try it out or read reviews.

4. Faceguard

The facial shield is crucial. It’s a terrible product if it doesn’t give a clear perspective. Modern technology has qualified most shields. However, seek for anti-fog and anti-scratch characteristics in helmets.


Now that you know what to look for in a Best Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders, you can make an informed decision. If you aren’t sure where to start, consult the buying guide. You won’t be sorry for any of your decisions, but make sure they’re the right ones. On the other hand, if you want me to choose, then I will recommend you the best Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet, which has all the features I would have considered.

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