Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

10 Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

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If you ride and have ear strain or hearing loss, you should look into the quietest motorcycle helmets available. A decent helmet does more than simply keep bugs out of your eyes. Defends your ears from wind, road, and engine noise. According to research, one in ten North Americans has irreversible hearing loss. Motocross riders may create wind noise of up to 100dB when wearing a helmet, and up to 10 times louder without. 

We’ll look at things to look for in a helmet as well as the best 10 quietest motorcycle helmets in this post. We did our expert research to choose the best products in the category for you. 

So let’s begin!

Entry Level


Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet

Mid Range


Shoei RF-1400 Helmet

High End


Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

1. Shoei RF-1400 Helmet


  • Design that is compact and lightweight.
  • The noise reduction functioned flawlessly.
  • Exhaust vents have been placed in the front and back.
  • Two-layer expanded polystyrene (EPS).
  • 3D max dry technology is utilized.
  • The frame is made of four shells.


  • The cost is quite expensive.
  • Some folks may require a smaller cheek pad in order to fit well.

The firm that is as honest about its reliability as the emblem inscribed on its forehead combines superb quality, fashionably streamlined design, and maximum comfort and safety: The RF-1400, Shoei’s newest edition of the legendary flagship RF series, is now available. Since its inception in 1984, the RF has been a staple bucket in the moto world, and years of R&D have led to advancements in safety, design, comfort, noise reduction, and just all-around high quality that only Shoei can give.


  • Design: Rf-1400 is one of the most well-designed quiet full-face motorcycle helmets on the market. When riding at high speeds, an aerodynamic system with noise reduction capabilities can assist you. In the back, there is an exhaust vent that keeps your head cool and dry in hot weather. You can see the pin-lock anti-fog system—the Rf-1400 was created by a team of skilled engineers. Examine your front window and place it in a slot.
  • Snell certification: The Rf-1400 is the first and lightest Snell-approved helmet. DOT M2015 approval has also been granted to Shoei RF.
  • Quiet and Ventilation: Rf-1400 is recognized among riders for being the quietest helmet with a simple ventilation system. Two vents are located on the front side, and one exhaust vent is located on the backside. You see, while you were riding, a noise reduction function was activated. You can use any external hearing equipment in the spaces provided. 

2. Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet


  • It’s a 3.26-pound modular helmet that’s DOT approved.
  • At highway speeds, its aerodynamic design produces little lift, buffeting, or oscillatory tendencies.
  • Interpower coatings drain moisture away from the body for a cooler ride.
  • The inside helmet is fully aerated thanks to the helmet’s adjustable air vents, which allow continual fresh air intake.
  • In case of an emergency, the helmet also includes a quick-release chin strap.


  • The sound of the speakers has no bass and gives a very flat sound.

The Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet set the new standard for premium modular touring helmets with its recognizable German engineering and innovative, compact shell design. The Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet has been carefully tested and aerodynamically tuned for both stability at speed and low weight to decrease fatigue on extended tours, with a new liner and two redesigned shell sizes (XS-LG, XL-3XL). Discover a riding sensation akin to that of a luxury German sports car’s interior. The Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet is made for riders who want the finest and recognize the distinction. 


  • Construction: The Schuberth C4 Helmet’s outer shell is produced utilizing an innovative patented process known as Direct Fiber Processing, which allows for greater strength and durability (DFP). 
  • SC1 System: The C4 Helmet accepts the SCHUBERTH SC1 System (sold separately). The C4 Pro comes with built-in antennas, speakers, and a microphone to ensure optimal reception.
  • Ventilation: The Schuberth C4 Pro has a multi-channel ventilation system under the helmet shell for silent, powerful airflow. Inlets on the forehead and chin keep you cool. 

3. Arai Signet-X Helmet


  • Neckroll is detachable and features extra exhaust passages for removing heat from the inside.
  • 5-millimeter cheek pads that pull off
  • Padding for the cheeks with Quick-Release Tabs
  • Upper ventilation ducts QVF and QVR are familiar, but they provide greater adjustability and superior flow performance.
  • The tensile strength of the PB-SCLC Shell is exceptional due to the precisely positioned components and the use of a lightweight resin.
  • It comes with a pinlock insert that’s crystal transparent.


  • For some users, the liner was not comfortable.

Arai has thrown everything at this high-end motorbike helmet, even the kitchen sink. It has a high-performance ventilation system with wide input and exhaust holes and huge switches that can be used even when wearing thick gloves. To keep turbulent air out while also creating negative pressure to exhaust additional air, the Arai Signet-X Helmet’s retracted chin curtain doubles as a wind blocker. 

In addition to speaker pockets for easy installation of communication devices, the Eco Pure cheek pads from Signet incorporate Emergency Release Tabs, a first for the Signet line. Each helmet has an improved vision forward with the VAS-MV (Max Vision) face shield and Pinlock 120 lens. The Pinlock 120 lens was designed to withstand extreme demands for usage on the racetrack or on adventure rides. 


  • VAS Shield System: Normally, the shield mounting point must be kept high since a lower shield pivot will not enable the shield to open or close. The VAS (Changeable Axis System) utilizes a variable axis (moving pivot point). When compared to the Signet-Q, this allows you to open and close your shield even with a 24mm lower mount location.
  • VAS Shield Latch System: The VAS shield latch system catches and keeps the shield closed more firmly to avoid accidental opening. The bigger latch design, in addition to allowing for a de-mist setting, makes operating the shield simpler and more smooth.
  • PB-SCLC Shell: The design of the Peripherally Belted – Super Complex Laminate Construction shell incorporates numerous Arai-developed materials and processes that offer high performance while being reasonably priced. 

4. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Helmet


  • It enhanced the shield dual lock system for use in high-speed racing
  • It protects your cheeks with these emergency cheek pads.
  • It comes with speaker pockets with built-in communication capabilities
  • A chin curtain and a breath guard are also provided
  • It comes with an anti-fog insert lens and both clear and black smoke shields 
  • The helmet is DOT and ECE certified


  • When traveling at high speeds, the visor doesn’t remain open.

The HJC RPHA 11 builds on the very successful RPHA 10 to provide an even more finely tuned helmet for sports and track-day fans. With a sleeker and more aerodynamic shell, ACS “Advanced Channeling Ventilation System,” an additional forehead vent, a larger field of vision, a revised face shield gasket system, and optically better 2D flat-racing shields that are Pinlock-ready, this helmet has a lot to offer. 


  • Anti-Bacteria Fiber: The MultiCool Interior’s upgraded antibacterial fabric delivers improved moisture-wicking and faster drying performance than the previous generation of fabrics. 
  • Ventilation: The shell design has been optimized for the airflow ventilation system. Six-stage variable airflow is controlled by glove-friendly dials on each intake vent, with the maximum airflow coming from the top vent. 
  • Easy To Remove: The crown and cheek cushions are completely detachable and machine washable. 

5. Shark EVO One 2 Helmet


  • The chin curtain has a reinforced magnetic fastening system.
  • Aerodynamic profile with a tight radius of curvature
  • reduction in the amount of airborne noise
  • A new side plate design has been introduced.
  • A chin buckle with two D-rings.
  • Included is a Max Vision Pinlock insert lens that is compatible with eyeglasses.


  • The helmet is not compatible with the Sharktooth Prime Bluetooth system. 
  • For some users, the cheek pads are very tight.

With a simple flick of the chin bar, the Shark EVO One 2 transforms from a full-face to an open-face helmet. Since most chin bars do not adjust to your demands like the Shark EVO One 2, other modular helmets may as well be bottom feeders. It’s a common design feature on other modular helmets to have the chin bar extend outwards to catch the wind and throw off the helmet’s balance. The EVO One 2’s chin bar rotates from front to back, keeping the helmet’s weight low and keeping the chin bar out of the path of wind gusts.

The new Shark Evoline 3ST’s injected thermoplastic resin shell comes in two shell sizes for a better fit than the previous model’s single shell.


  • Shells made of injected thermoplastic resin in two different sizes (XS-MD, LG-XL)
  • Better anti-scratch and quick-release kinematic face shield
  • Sun protection with an inside anti-scratch layer
  • It has a new chin guard locking/unlocking technology that automatically lifts the face shield when the chin guard is raised/lowered.

6. Sena Momentum Evo Bluetooth-Integrated Helmet


  • BT and Mesh’s technologies are integrated.
  • Shell with an oval form that is particular to the North American market.
  • The Matte Black finish is both attractive and functional.
  • Including the insert parts, the finish is devoid of blemishes.
  • Support for Sena firmware to ensure its long-term viability
  • The Sena WiFi Adapter is attractive, practical, and comes with the package.
  • Excellent battery life, with only a short charge time
  • Warranty for a long time
  • Exceptional return on investment.


  • It would be nice to have one or two more face shield options.
  • There is no built-in or separate drop-down sun visor.
  • Interior lining and pad portions have not been trimmed or fitted to get the best possible appearance or feel.

Bluetooth Mesh Intercom is integrated into the Sena Momentum EVO Helmet’s superior composite fiberglass shell. There is no need to fiddle with speaker placement or cable routing. No more having to cope with a microphone rubbing against your chin on otherwise wonderful long rides. When you buy the Sena Momentum EVO, you get everything you need out of the box.

Advanced sound processing by Sena eliminates background noise, such as traffic and wind, resulting in remarkably clear communication. With Mesh Intercom, cyclists may communicate with an unlimited number of other riders up to a mile away with ease. With a 5 mile range and up to 16 riders, Closed Mesh is the way to go. When you connect your Sena to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, you can benefit from your smartphone’s features like navigation, music, or hands-free calling.


  • A composite fiberglass shell with a multi-density EPS liner is used in this construction.
  • A lightweight (reported at 1590 gm, plus or minus 50 gr, or 56 oz) for a large size long oval form is desirable (intermediate vice oval of Momentum Pro)
  • There are two shell sizes available: Med/Large and XL.
  • Matte Black is the color of choice.
  • Face shield with fast release design and Pinlock compatibility (Pinlock 120 lens included)
  • Components of the lining that are removable, washable, and replaceable
  • Front air intakes on the top and bottom, as well as a rear exhaust outlet
  • Chinstrap with double D-Ring clasp for added strength.

7. Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet


  • Race Star is 10 percent lower in weight than this model.
  • Zoom in on the Panovision Raceview Viewport
  • A Panovision ProTint Photochromic face shield is included with the purchase.
  • 3K Carbon Shell with Flex Impact Liner
  • It has cheek pads with triple-density foam
  • Magnefusion cheek pads in the shade Virus Cool Jade Mesh Liner


  • No negative has been noticed yet.

The Bell Race Star Flex Helmet has undergone an upgrade to make it more comfortable. The Race Star Flex is 10% lighter than its predecessor, the Race Star, and comes equipped with speaker compartments and new triple-density cheek pads for even more comfort. 

The Race Star’s design features a superlight 3K Carbon Shell, Raceview ergonomics for unmatched visibility, and the three-layer Flex Impact Liner to manage slow, mid, and high energy impacts. The Race Star was developed using the latest carbon-fiber technology and extensive wind tunnel and track testing. 


  • Flex Impact Liner: The Flex impact liner is a three-layer impact liner designed to handle energy from low, mid, and high-speed impacts. It achieves it by employing three materials of varying densities. As the impact increases, higher density layers manage energy.
  • Raceview: The Star has two separate profile forms for two distinct riding styles. The Pro Star and Race Star feature a Raceview profile intended for a tucked, compact posture. The Star’s Streetview profile is ideal for an upright, sport, or touring stance.
  • Panovision Viewport: No matter what or how you ride, optimum visibility is a must. Whether racing or just riding in the mountains, safely head check and notice hazards is important, the Star’s Panovision viewport provides more vertical and lateral views than prior Star and conventional viewports. It improves visibility in confined spaces and enables safer lane changes and head checks. 

8. LS2 Challenger GT Helmet


  • Comfort liner that is removable and machine washable
  • Chin curtain that can be removed
  • Deflector for exhaling
  • Metal security plate strengthened strap with a quick-release mechanism
  • Cheek pads made from laser-cut foam.
  • Value for money


  • The helmet is quite noisy

The LS2 Challenger GT Helmet is a high-performance sport-touring helmet with a focus on sports. LS2’s engineers and designers worked closely with their MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 riders to produce a comfortable helmet for long hauls and high speeds. With a retractable sun visor and pin lock-ready face shield, the helmet offers a 3D optically correct look. The Challenger GT’s new fiberglass composite body and enormous quantities of airflow will make it a pleasure to sit chin on the tank and watch the world go by or stand erect and take in all the sights. 


  • HPFC Shell (High-Performance Fuel Cell) (High-Pressure Fiberglass Composite)
  • There are three different shell sizes.
  • Face shield with Quick Release System made of multi-density and channeled EPS that is Pinlock-ready and 3D optically accurate.
  • It has to drop down the sunshade on the inside.

9. Shoei GT-Air II Helmet


  • The interlocking mechanism is made entirely of stainless steel.
  • It is quick, fluid, and simple to use.
  • Double-Ridge window beads enhance contact with the shield, which helps to minimize wind noise and turbulence.
  • Scratch-resistant coating on the shield
  • UVA and UVB rays are shielded from 99.9% of their damaging effects.


  • The latch side of the chin strap may be longer.

The new Shoei GT-Air 2’s shell shape has developed while remaining aerodynamic and stable. The GT-Air II has a 5mm longer QSV-2 drop-down sun visor for rapid sun relief.

The GT Air 2 features a tiny ratchet chin strap and is meant to work with Sena’s GT-Air II specialized SRL 2 Bluetooth Communication System. 


  • Design: Extensive wind tunnel testing and comments from top riders were used to optimize aerodynamic characteristics.
  • Ventilation System: The upper air intake port has been redesigned and strategically placed to optimize air volume into the helmet interior.
  • Protect from UV rays: 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked by this distortion-free lens shield.

10. Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Helmet


  • The pricing makes it a model that both riders and passengers can afford.
  • There are a variety of shell sizes to choose from for a great fit.
  • Material and design that is both durable and safe.
  • It’s easy to transport because of the lightweight material.
  • It comes with comfortable ventilation that may be adjusted.
  • It has shields that are scratch-resistant and UV-protected.
  • Both a transparent and a dark smoke face shield are available.


  • Separate Sena or Cardo units and mounting plates are required.
  • Not as feature-rich as Qualifier DLX.

The Qualifier DLX Blackout is equipped with a moisture-wicking inside, making it ideal for riding in rainy conditions. Avoid being forced to wear a chilly, wet helmet by taking this precautionary measure. Also removable and machine washable is the interior of the bag.

Further improving your bike experience is provided by Bell using contoured cheek pads, a chin curtain, and a breath deflector. One of the most noticeable features of this product is its cushioned chin strap with D-ring fastening.


  • Ventilation: The Qualifier DLX Blackout’s unique design provides optimum comfort. The adjustable ventilation system directs airflow to maximize cooling.
  • Shield Change Release: A click release mechanism facilitates tool-free shield adjustments. Bell’s helmet also has a clear and dark smoke face shield. It ensures excellent visibility in any weather or traffic.
  • Integrated Communication Unit: Bell helmets include built-in speaker pockets and a DLX door on the side for a communication device. You’ll enjoy the Bell Sena SMH10 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom included in the kit.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Quietest Motorcycle Helmet

1. Ventilation

Suffocation when riding is the worst. Even a silent helmet requires you to be comfortable. Look for several vents to remove hot air and make sure you can shut them off if necessary.

2. Shell Material

Motorcycle helmets are made of thermoplastic or fiberglass. Thermoplastic requires additional foam cushioning to meet safety standards. These helmets are usually larger and heavier but also less expensive. Fiberglass shells are more complicated than thermoplastic shells. But they can also break. Thermoplastic is quieter due to the cushioning.

3. Safety Rating

Above all, your motorcycle helmet must be DOT certified for road use. ECE also provides excellent abrasion resistance and shell stiffness. Always put safety first and examine all safety regulations.

4. Coverage: 

A full-face helmet is ideal for high performance. A full-face helmet is quieter and safer.

5. Comfort

In a motorbike helmet, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. If you ride for a long period, you should seek a helmet that is comfortable. Finally, you may choose a motorbike helmet that fits your budget. If you have a larger budget, I recommend testing out many models to find the greatest fit. 


Every year, manufacturers improve helmets—better fitting, safer and quieter. There may be changes in the quietest motorcycle helmet, but the aim is to protect your ears and head. But even the quietest helmet needs support.

This article may have helped you stop the ringing in your ears after a ride. If you found the material useful, please let us know and share it with others. 

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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