Best Supermoto Helmets

10 Best Supermoto Helmets

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Buying the best supermoto helmet is a huge investment. It’s a fun game. Your helmet will give you protection and safety throughout these wild riding trails, so choose wisely. According to scientific research, even for simple street cruising, you should wear a well-fitting helmet for comfort, protection, and security.

With so many dual helmets available online and in stores, choosing the ideal one might take months. Here is a list of the ten best supermoto helmets. We will give thorough reviews to assist you in choosing the finest supermoto.

Entry Level


Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet

Mid Range


Fox Racing V2 Matte Helmet

High End


Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet

1. Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet


  • Cooling and comfort are provided by a velocity-flow ventilation system.
  • Comfort liner with air channels that is moisture-wicking and removable/washable.
  • The helmet has a chin bar with EPS padding
  • Integrated roost guard with ventilation
  • Ankle braces with D-ring clasp and strap keepers. Padded chin strap.
  • The warranty is valid for five years.
  • DOT and ECE certifications are available.


  • The helmet is too noisy.
  • When the visor is in position, the plastic knobs that keep it in place tend to come loose.

When the riding becomes tough, Bell’s Velocity-Flow ventilation system pushes a tonne of cold air in and a tonne of warm air out to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. The Bell MX 9 Helmet is equipped with a moisture-wicking liner that is meant to channel air where it is needed. The liner is completely detachable and machine washable.


  • Safety: Due to the fact that the Bell MX-9 is both ECE and DOT approved, it should provide an adequate level of protection.
  • Ventilation: The Bell MX-9 appears to have a strong point in terms of ventilation. It has a plethora of vents, ranging from three chin vents (only the central one is closeable) and two forehead vents (both always open) to four exhaust vents (all of which are always open).
  • Visor: The MX-9 Adventure comes with a transparent visor that is completely functional and detachable. It has a ridge at the bottom that allows for a simple opening and helps create a good seal against the visor gasket. It operates on a four-position ratchet and has a ridge at the bottom that allows for easy opening and helps make a good seal against the visor gasket.

2. Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet


  • Four shell sizes provide more fit possibilities, allowing most head sizes to be comfortably accommodated.
  • Extensive wind tunnel and rider testing are used to optimize aerodynamic characteristics.
  • Improved air intake with a larger mouthpiece
  • Mudguard with an ergonomic form


  • No drawbacks have been noticed yet.

The VFX-liner EVO’s has the MEDS (Motion Energy Distribution System), an EPS module designed to cushion abrupt impacts by decreasing rotational acceleration to the head. Shoei’s own research revealed a 15% reduction in rotational energy compared to the VFX-W off-road helmet. The shell is made of AIM+, a high-performance composite of fiberglass and organic fibers. The outcome is a hard yet flexible framework.

The dirt barrier is shaped to not interfere with eyewear. Dedicated plastic tabs secure the mudguard in place during off-road riding. The bracing nose cover is easy to clean and maintain and contains mesh to filter dirt and dust and aluminum mesh to prevent roosts from entering the mouth.


  • Safety: the same multi-layered composite material as their top-of-the-line track helmet, the Shoei X-Fourteen, and their excellent sport bike helmet, the RF-1200
  • Ventilation: A brow vent runs the whole length of the goggle port. Right above it, there are a few crown vents that take air from the peak and funnel it into the helmet.
  • Goggles: Just two notes about the goggles. First, there’s a big eyeport upfront for big goggles. Second, the helmet has a goggles groove around it to keep the strap from slipping.

3. Fox Racing V2 Matte Helmet


  • The helmet comes with the Injection molding
  • The helmet has the magnetic visor release mechanism
  • It is approved by the Department of Transportation.


  • Some customers have commented that it is a little hefty.

The Fox Racing V2 Helmet provides outstanding performance, aesthetics, and protection without the exorbitant cost associated with other helmets. A fiberglass shell structure, three shell sizes, and four EPS sizes are available for a precise fit in this model.


  • All new Fluid Inside: In circumstances like accidents or collisions, it is meant to absorb rotational and linear energy that is conveyed to the rider’s brain. 
  • Shell construction: The helmet’s shell is made of lightweight mold technology. It provides a lightweight helmet that protects and keeps the rider safe. It uses in-mould injection technology to directly inject EPS into the helmet shell.
  • EPS Liner: The Eps utilized within the helmet provide superior protection by distributing throughout the helmet and resisting low and high impact forces. It gives their riders a better level of protection.

4. HJC CS-MX 2 Illusion Helmet


  • The helmet is comfortable.
  • You can easily wash the interior of the helmet
  • It is DOT approved
  • The helmet is lightweight.


  • The helmet is noisy.

In addition to having an extremely wide field of vision, the HJC CS-MX 2 Helmet also has ventilation channels that are carefully placed to force cool air in and hot air out.


  • Shell is made of advanced polycarbonate composite material.
  • A revolutionary design with a one-of-a-kind visor
  • Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technology provides lightweight, improved fit and comfort.
  • Because the ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System provides complete front-to-back circulation, heat and humidity are effectively flushed up and out.
  • The interior of the bag has a plush Nylex lining that is detachable and washable.
  • Large eye port for optimum visibility and a better goggle fit than the competition.

5. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet


  • Carbon fiber is used to build the exterior shell, which is lightweight.
  • There are four different shell sizes.
  • Inner liner with a variety of densities
  • E-2 MIPS have been installed.
  • Peak release is simple.
  • Emergency release cheek pads with 3D molded foam that are easily removable.


  • Some users have suggested that the airflow could have been better.
  • During riding, the helmet appears to want to tip forward.

A lightweight carbon fiber shell comes in 4 sizes for the Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Carbon helmet. Its visor release mechanism secures the visor/peak yet releases it when hit. Alpinestars offers two peaks with two distinct perspectives to suit the rider. The ventilation is excellent, with several input and exit openings connected by airways that snake throughout. Inner lining combines protection and comfort fabrics.

In addition to impact absorption, MIPS-E2 liners defend against rotational energy. Alpinestars’ A-Head system is an adjustable head frame that allows you to customize your fit. The bottom lip of the helmet is cushioned with EPP foam to prevent collarbone damage. The Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Carbon Helmet is a protective motocross helmet loaded to the brim with safety features.


  • Shell Construction: The Supertech M10 is made of carbon fiber. According to Alpinestars, the molding method combined with the unidirectional carbon composite utilized in this helmet minimizes compression while yet allowing for considerable deflection.
  • Comfort: In order to accommodate the S-M10, Alpinestars has created four alternative shell sizes.

6. O’Neal 5 Series Haze Helmet


  • The construction of the shell is made of polycarbonate and ABS.
  • It is a removable/washable Coolmax ultra-plush cushioned lining that helps to keep your body cool and dry by wicking away perspiration.
  • Design with an adjustable visor
  • Air vents on either side of the bed serve to keep you cool and dry.
  • Graphics with a transparent coating that are long-lasting and multicolored
  • DOT and ECE 22-05 safety requirements are met.


  • The sizes of the helmets may be smaller than stated; thus, you must follow the precise size.

O’Neal is committed to producing helmets that are the most comfortable, reliable, and safe on the market. This helmet is intended for supermoto racing at the highest level. It provides you with additional comfort and protection while riding. Because it is a complex game, you may put your whole faith in this helmet to ensure your safety and protection at all times.

In addition to having a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell, the O’Neal 5 Series Helmet is equipped with numerous air vents to help keep you cool and dry on those longer rides or hot summer Motos.


  • Constructed with ABS: The ABS shell delivers a robust, durable, and lightweight helmet. It keeps you comfortable on rough and adventurous terrain by reducing your load. You won’t feel weighed down when riding your bike.
  • Soft and pillow-like cushioning: This helmet has additional plush pillow-like padding inside. It supports and comforts you on the supermoto trails. During lengthy rides, the plush padding prevents neck fatigue and stress.
  • Height-adjustable visor: It has a height-adjustable visor. The visor may be simply adjusted to suit your vision. It allows you to adjust it to your preference for a better perspective.

7. Arai VX Pro 4 Helmet


  • Diffusers that are simple to clean
  • The composite fiber serves as a reinforcing layer for the helmet while considerably increasing the weight of the helmet.
  • The Dry-Cool inner liner is fully detachable and machine washable.
  • The Arai VX Pro 4 Helmet is certified by Snell 2020 and the Department of Transportation.


  • No drawbacks have been noticed yet.

The Arai VX Pro 4 Helmet replaces the legendary Arai VX Pro-3. The Arai VX Pro4 dirt helmet is for the serious off-road enthusiast who demands maximum comfort and protection. There is less surface mass to grab or bind on the round shell form based on Arai’s R75 Shape Concept.

The new internal Dry-Cool liner and cheek pads utilize Arai’s distinctive triple-density foam construction for comfort and convenience of use. The eyeport is exceptionally broad, allowing even the biggest goggles to provide a panoramic vision. The VX Pro vents have all been modified, including the chin vent, which has been relocated to the exterior of the helmet, making the chin region roomier. The other vents have also been redesigned to improve ventilation. Snell 2020 and DOT approved.


  • Helmet Shell: A specifically developed composite fiber is placed between two layers of Super Fiber Laminate in CLC. To strengthen the helmet without adding much weight, we used composite fiber.
  • Ventilation: Rear venturi vacuum created by easy-to-clean diffusers. Increased airflow from the top vent. Cooling air is drawn into the helmet from under the peak. In dusty riding situations, the inner chin vent shutter keeps debris out—Goggle and side vents.

8. Bell Moto-3 Helmet


  • Bell Moto-3 design from the beginning
  • Shell is made of fiberglass composite material that is lightweight.
  • Three shell sizes and four EPS sizes are available to provide a custom fit.
  • Chinbar with EPS padding
  • Includes a 5-snap visor with a secure fit.
  • DOT and ECE certifications are available.


  • The helmet makes a lot of noise.

Bell has resurrected the Moto-3 design with a modern fiberglass composite structure that maximizes safety without compromising the classic look. A rough moto appearance on nearly any two-wheeled motorcycle has been achieved by riders of all stripes using the original Bell Moto Stars and subsequent Moto series helmets. An accurate copy of the original, with a few nice safety improvements to satisfy DOT requirements.


  • Chin bar with EPS lining in a fiberglass composite shell
  • Anti-microbial terry cloth lining that is removable and machine washable
  • visor with five snaps (visor included in the box)
  • Certification by the Department of Transportation and the European Commission.

9. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet


  • Kwikfit cheek pads make it easy to put on and take off most glasses.
  • The flip-up chin bar may be lifted or lowered with either hand.
  • Speaker pockets for comms
  • Removable block off plates for usage without visor
  • Folding metal visor clip


  • To be ideal, a pin lock mechanism may be used
  • The helmet is quite noisy.

Scorpion has reinvented a sector by combining the finest of touring and off-road helmets. The Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet is a helmet’s Swiss Army Knife. The off-road peak and wide eye port deflect roosts, protect the sun, and let you wear goggles while tearing up the terrain.

Everclear anti-fog face shield and Speedview drop-down internal sun visor keep your eyes clear and ready for whatever comes next. The peak visor may be simply removed for a more aerodynamic profile on the highway: comfortable eyeglass compatible cheek pads and a KwikWick II lining.


  • Lightweight, robust LG Polycarbonate shell designed to optimize impact displacement
  • Dual Density EPS enables better energy displacement.
  • Top intake vents pull cool air in, while exhaust vents push heated air out.
  • Dual mouth vent First setting is defrosting. The second is defrosting and ventilation.
  • In order to ensure a good seal, the Ellip-Tec Ratchet System employs an elliptical motion to produce 7.6mm of movement that pushes the shield tightly against the eye-port.
  • EverClear No-Fog Face Shield Optical clarity, anti-scratch toughened coating, 100% UV-A & UV-B protection.

10. LS2 Blaze Helmet


    • Shells made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) in three sizes
    • Liner made of multi-density EPS
    • Built-in sunshade that may be lowered
    • Flow-through ventilation with several ports
    • DOT-approved ratchet strap closure


  • The helmet may get noisy at high speeds.

Make your own path with the LS2 Blaze. This dual-sport helmet combines the capabilities of a contemporary MX helmet with ADV or UTV characteristics. The Blaze shell is made of LS2’s Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), a lightweight, strong composite material, and comes in three sizes. The helmet also has an optically perfect Class A face shield and an inbuilt sun visor.


  • Kinetic Polymer Alloy: The helmet’s shell is made of LS2’s kinetic polymer alloy. The helmet’s material is extremely advanced.
  • Hypoallergenic fabric: The cushioning is wrapped in a soft, technical fabric that is hypoallergenic and provides comfort, support, and cleanliness.
  • EPS Liner: This helmet includes a multi-density EPS lining that can absorb energy. It also provides assistance, safety, and collision protection. The cushioning is extremely soft.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Supermoto Helmets

The best supermoto helmet is tough to choose because there are so many alternatives available on the market. Look for the elements that must be addressed while purchasing a helmet.

Security Standards

First, search for a helmet’s safety standard. A motorcycle helmet must meet three separate safety criteria. When buying a helmet, make sure it fulfills the criteria. Snell is the recommended and safest.

DOT and ECE are also highly strict safety requirements that a helmet must fulfill.


Most people choose a light helmet. The helmet weighs between 1400g to 1800g 

A correctly fitted helmet is also considered lightweight due to its equal weight distribution across the head and shoulders. It won’t strain or put pressure on your neck or head. The modular or dual helmets are heavier since they have a mechanism to raise the visor.

Helmet Shell

The helmet shell is composed of several materials. The material used to create the shell can impact the helmet’s weight, comfort, protection, and safety rating.

The helmet is made of polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, carbon fiber, and expanded polystyrene foam. The most costly and lightest is carbon fiber, followed by fiberglass.

Additional Safety Features

Modern technologies and innovations are improving helmets. Some helmets include emergency cheek pad release during impacts. This will allow the wounded rider’s head to be securely removed.


Supermoto is a risky sport. Before participating, guarantee your safety. For this, you must get the right helmet that provides optimum safety and comfort.

We have reviewed and ranked the best supermoto helmets. You can select any of those that suit your needs. These helmets will protect and comfort you.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more.

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