HJC i90 Helmet Review

HJC i90 Helmet Review

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Here we got the HJC i90 modular helmet, which is a good purchase considering its low price of less than $200. While there are better but more costly modular helmets, when it comes to this price bracket, few come close to the i90.

The HJC i90 outperforms all other modular helmets in terms of visibility and comfort, especially on lengthy rides. HJC, to be honest, does not disappoint. Despite its reasonable price, it promises to be a better modular helmet.

The company’s objective is to give motorcycle riders all around the globe high-quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced helmets continuingly. Read on to find out what we thought of the HJC i90 in our honest HJC i90 review!


The HJC i90 shows that a modular helmet with quality features does not have to be expensive. It’s homologated for usage in both closed and open positions, making it equally at home in the city or scraping through rural sweepers. This helmet has a comfortable inner lining, an easy-to-use chin bar, an integrated sun visor, good vents, and deep paint.

HJC i90 Helmet: Features and Benefits

Design & Construction

In the case of the HJC i90, the polycarbonate composite shell is used, which is a commonly used material for modular helmets. From that aspect, don’t anticipate any surprises. The i90 modular helmet is advertised as “built to be lightweight,” but is it?

The helmet is 3 pounds 13 ounces in weight (around 1,73 kg). It’s a lightweight modular helmet since many modular helmets in this price range may weigh about 2 kg. The HJC i90 helmet is intended for a head shape between round and oval.

That implies the front to rear part is significantly longer, and the side of the head is slightly narrower. Most riders in the Western market will be able to use it. Because this is a modular helmet, you may quickly raise the chin bar by pressing the button in the center of the chin area.


The HJC i90’s primary visor is ratchet-operated and has a broader visual field than the previous generation. It also features HJC’s RapidFire rapid-change technology for quick visor changes. A quick-change visor is essential on a helmet because it allows you to remove your visor after a ride to clean it quickly.

And, if you get the hang of it, HJC’s RapidFire system is good. HJC has added two opening tabs to the bottom of the visor – one on the left and one on the right – which are easy to notice and make it much simpler to open your visor while stationary, such as when in the clutch.

It’s composed of transparent polycarbonates, like all primary visors, and provides excellent UV protection. HJC claims to provide 99 percent protection, which is very high. When you put in the extra protection provided by the sun visor, it’ll be over 100 percent.


A little further into the helmet’s inside, we can observe that the i90 uses the twin D-ring fastening system. Additionally, the extra cheek cushions are threaded through the D-ring chin strap to boost overall comfort, which is a fantastic feature.

The three-click points on these sculpted cheek pads make it easy to remove them, revealing the speaker cutouts. The small spaces where Bluetooth communicator wires may go are an excellent complement to the speaker cutouts.

The inside lining is detachable, washable, antibacterial, and moisture resistant, which is quite usual. It has a brow mount, which improves comfort by ensuring that there are no areas where the inner liner snaps might press against your forehead. 


There is just one chin vent in the HJC i90’s chin bar for demisting, and it pulls air up onto the rear of the visor and into the helmet. Although it will defog the visor on its own in rainy or cold weather, you’ll need to utilize the supplied Pinlock to keep the fogging to a bare minimum in these conditions.

A big sliding panel covers the chin vent in gloves, making it easier to locate and utilize. A single crown vent may be seen on the roof. It is simple to identify and utilize the slider in gloves, and it lets air into the helmet, where it may flow via large venting channels that cover each of the crowns of the head.

The whole system represents an evolutionary enhancement over the previous IS-Max II system. The earlier system was well-received, and the i90’s system is also very excellent, with some owners reporting that there’s plenty of air moving up top and venting over the rear of the visor.

Chin Guard

Did you know that, in a motorcycle accident, the chin receives roughly 35% of the force of the collision on the motorbike? It is almost twice the quantity received by the other impact zones. Chin bars are crucial components of modular helmets for this reason.

The chin bar of the HJC i90 is readily unlocked by pressing a single button in the center of the chin bar. In many modular helmets, the chin bars are the weakest point. Moreover, SHARP assesses chin bar strength on every helmet, and sadly, it has not yet done so on the HJC i90.

Safety Measurements

The HJC i90 helmet meets ECE and DOT safety requirements. Because of this, it has two homologation numbers, which we like when it comes to modular helmet designs. If you fall from your motorbike, this one will undoubtedly keep you safe.

Keep in mind that although the polycarbonate shell isn’t the safest option, it is one of the most popular materials for modular motorcycle helmets. Despite this, a durable inner lining will assist in impact absorption.

Please remember that the DOT safety certification is only available on the 3XL version of the i90 helmet, which is a real shame. As a result, it will be illegal to wear it in several European nations, particularly those that need ECE safety certification. 


  • Easy-to-use chin bar mechanism
  • Easy to use and effective vents
  • Specialized protective features
  • High-strength polycarbonate shell
  • Full-face or open-face configurations


  • No double-D ring option
  • Bit bulky

Final Verdict

The HJC i90 shows how far modular helmets have progressed in the previous ten years, with very few concessions made to keep this helmet affordable. It’s a comfortable helmet with a robust and trustworthy chin bar system that also looks great.

Should the somewhat irritating visor mechanism and the occasional drop of rainfall be considered deal-breakers? They aren’t substantial or persistent enough to prevent you from wearing a great helmet. Are there any helmets that are better and lighter?

It’s true, but we can’t think of any worth spending twice as much for. It is an excellent helmet for those on a budget, and this one has a solid build quality. As always, HJC delivers, but the company has the potential to do much better, and we are hopeful that they will.

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