Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet Review

Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet Review

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Before we get into the Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet, let’s look at the Simpson Brand. It is a well-known motor brand that has been around since the 60’s’. The renowned brand’s creator, Bill Simpson, was a racer himself.

After suffering several accidents during his life, he decided to design the most excellent protection equipment for other riders. Motorcyclists will appreciate this helmet because it mixes traditional and experimental characteristics.

Any cyclist will find the helmet to be fashionable and comfortable. If you’re still intrigued by the Simpson ghost, we’ll go further into detail now. If you read the whole Simpson Ghost Bandit review, we hope you will know all you need to know.


This Simpsons helmet offers the best value for money, with features and styles that few other helmets can boast about and safety. And if you want to be safe on the road without sacrificing anything you care about, the Ghost Bandit is the right choice for you since its primary goal is to keep the user safe in an unexpected collision. You may rest easy knowing that your head is in good hands.

Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet: Features and Benefits


Before you purchase a helmet, be sure it fits your head. Simpson Ghost helmets are available in various sizes to fit practically any head. These are comfy, particularly if you have a medium oval head, implying a somewhat bigger head size.

It can be an excellent option if you have a head like that. The Inner Shield of the Ghost Bandit Helmet is completely detachable and washable. Consequently, if you use the helmet for an extended period, there will be no difficulty due to odor or other unhealthful reasons.

The inside lining has been made using a high-end fabric and cutting-edge technology. Anyone who has worn it has said that it is a comfortable helmet. You’ll be relieved to learn that the bandit motorbike helmet doesn’t cause any discomfort. 

Design and Shape

You’ll most likely do so if you’re considering purchasing a Simpson Ghost Bandit since it seems to be very dangerous. Of course, removing the Simpson emblems would amp up the nastiness, and the Simpson images are simply stickers, so they should come off with a bit of picking.

The black variations are most likely the ones you’ll choose. There are also a variety of basic matt/gloss blacks to pick from, and the Ghost Bandit in plain black carbon fiber. The Ghost Bandit Subdued is also available in black and silver and a simple white stig-style helmet.

Simpson Helmets visuals may be found throughout this page, but if you’d instead view more and get the best prices, please click on the links below to visit our recommended retailers’ Simpson Helmets sites.


The visor is excellent and extensive, but it’s pleasant to look through from a visual standpoint. Trying out the visor removal mechanism that doesn’t need any tools. It was easy to take it off, but putting it back on was a real struggle.

As a result, we’d become annoyed by the need to switch visors constantly. The detents are positive, and they retain the visor in any position without the need to activate the visor lock or rotate the visor.

The last snap that seals the visor when it’s entirely down is missing, and the visor’s raise and lower tab are just on the left side. The Speed Bandit comes with a transparent visor that can be pin-locked, and tinted visors are also available.


To begin with, the whole inside is comprised of an improved fabric that is antibacterial and moisture-wicking. The cheek pads are firmly snapped to the sides of the helmet. Be extra cautious while removing these snaps to avoid breaking the helmet because these snaps are pretty strong.

The cheek cushions contain more padding for added comfort and visible speaker cutouts. For Bluetooth speaker integrations, this will be pretty useful. The conventional twin D-ring chin strap is used on the Ghost Bandit.


The ventilation valve on this helmet is designed differently than on other helmets. The design differs from the technology. The top of Ghost Bandit’s head features four vents, one on each side, and the underneath of the helmet has four vents. The chin guard has six vents on each side.

These vents seem to be constantly open when seen from the outside. They are entirely enslaved. Dust cannot penetrate the helmet because of this covering. Sliders on the interior may cover or open the vents beneath the chin guard.

However, they are more challenging to open and shut when wearing helmets. It’s hard to open or shut the vents with the visor down. The vents on the top, on the other hand, guarantee that the helmet is well ventilated.

Safety Measurements

There isn’t much impartial evidence on the safety of Simpson helmets. It is a very safe helmet since it comes with DOT and ECE certifications out of the box. Sure, they have a long history of creating high-quality helmets, and their Outlaw Bandit was just certified by Snell M2015.

However, no Simpson helmets have been evaluated by SHARP, an independent helmet testing organization based in the United Kingdom. Until now, that is. They put the Ghost Bandit’s tri-composite version to the test, and it came out on top, earning 4/5 stars for safety.

That’s an excellent result, and based on the images from their 8.5m/s test, it only lost a star because of a slight weakness on the sidewalls. That’s a fantastic result. Remember that the Ghost Bandit comes in carbon fiber or a Tricomposite shell comprised of carbon, abrasion-resistant, and aramid.


  • Lining antibacterial and reversible
  • Excellent choice in visors
  • Composite shell for lightness
  • Great for hot weather ventilation
  • Approved by DOT, ECE, and Snell
  • Excellent visor visibility


  • No BT built-in
  • Little foggy

Final Verdict

We’ve finally concluded our Simpson Ghost Bandit review. It is one of the lightest full-face helmets available in weight and protection. In addition, many riders come for the distinctive vintage Simpson design.

Apart from its appearance, the Ghost Bandit is handy, thanks to its updated visor mechanism and inner sun visor. In addition, the venting technique has been enhanced, resulting in a unique, stable aerodynamic profile.

Because of the premium interior amenities, the Ghost Bandit is exceptionally comfortable on extended travels. However, there are still some issues. The Ghost Bandit is well worth the money for its comfort, safety, and outstanding design!

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