Best Carbon Fiber Helmets

10 Best Carbon Fiber Helmet

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You’ll need all the protection when you’re out on the road. Motorcycle clothing protects you from the weather and keeps you comfortable. For motorcyclists, these are the most significant aspects. It makes no difference whether you’re in the city or on the highway. Always put safety first.

Carbon fiber helmets might help you out in this situation. They are highly durable and keep you safe in dangerous situations. Carbon fiber helmets are lightweight but give the best protection. If you’re seeking the best carbon fiber helmet to keep you safe on the road, this is the place to go.

For you, we’ve put together a list of not one but 10 of the greatest on the market.

Entry Level


HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Helmet

Mid Range


LS2 Thunder Carbon Helmet

High End


Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet

1. AGV Sportmodular Carbon Layer Helmet

The SportModular Helmet from AGV combines the ease of use of a flip-up helmet with the lightweight, strength, and elegance of a 100% carbon-fiber shell. The DOT- and ECE-approved SportModular weighs under 3 pounds, 3.5 ounces for a size medium, and has the same compact proportions and impact absorption as AGV’s top-of-the-line.

With various vents, a rear spoiler that can be adjusted, and a lip on the bottom of the shell that directs rain away from the neck, this helmet has everything you need for a comfortable ride. The SportModular offers a tight, just-right fit that makes long rides more pleasant.

Its aerodynamic form and wide neck roll reduce wind noise. Pulling down on a vast tab inside the chin bar unlocks the metal locking mechanisms, allowing the chin bar to be lifted and easily lowered. Inside the shell is a detachable, washable EPS lining with multiple densities and energy absorption properties.

2. LS2 Thunder Carbon Helmet

Engineers in Spain collaborated with LS2 riders to create the LS2 Thunder Carbon Helmet. The Pure Carbon Fiber shell is light and aerodynamic, cutting through the wind while remaining steady on your head. It’s made of carbon fiber and has the brand’s most cutting-edge technology drawn from MotoGP.

It includes a comprehensive, durable screen with a Pinlock (included) tendency, a sophisticated ventilation system, and highly comfortable inside cushioning. The eye port is tall and unusually broad, allowing you to see everything in front of you and to the sides when riding. It has a method for quickly releasing the screen.

LS2’s 3D Laser Technology is used to precision cut the Emergency Quick Release System detachable cheek pads from a single solid piece of high-quality foam. The moisture-wicking fabric lining is detachable and washable to keep you dry and comfortable while riding, and the completely adjustable flow-through ventilation keeps you cool.

3. Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet

The enormous freight face shield, which relates to flight shields, is all that is seen when you first glance at this Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet. It features a 100% carbon fiber shell and is available in various colors and visor configurations. A drop-down visor is integrated into the Simpson Ghost Bandit.

A dry hydro layer is installed inside the helmet to keep it cool in hot weather. Choosing a helmet that is the correct size for your head is crucial, which means that it is longer from front to back than it is from side to side. So, before you buy anything online, be sure to look at the size chart.

It also features two large intake ports on the front that allow lots of air to circulate. This helmet combines functional features with avant-garde style. This lightweight carbon fiber helmet increases adaptability to your riding, allowing you to ride on the streets every day. It has unique built-in features at a low price.

4. Sedici Strada II Carbon Helmet

The Sedici Strada 2 Carbon Helmet continues the previous generation’s performance and protection for every rider. A sturdy, lightweight shell is made from a unique combination of 6k carbon fiber. Three different shell sizes improve over the previous generation, ensuring that the helmet you choose fits like a low-profile lid.

The aerodynamics of the shell decreases lift and turbulence while traveling at high speeds, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead. Cut-out grooves in the dual-density EPS lining assist funnel airflow through the helmet, resulting in excellent ventilation. The Strada 2 has been created with the most discerning riders in mind.

The helmet’s interior is detachable and washable, allowing you to keep it looking new season after season. Small cushioning pieces on the forehead and temples let you customize the fit by 5mm. A chin skirt that can be removed serves to seal off the bottom of the helmet and reduce wind noise.

5. Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet

Scorpion’s top-of-the-line helmet for sport and touring riding is the EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet. For roughly $400, it comes with a complete 3K carbon fiber helmet construction. It is one of the most incredible and reasonably priced carbon fiber helmets available. It comes with two face shields and three different shell sizes.

DOT and ECE certifications are available for the EXO-ST1400. It weighs roughly three pounds and three ounces on a medium, making it exceptionally light and aerodynamic. The shell of this helmet has been CAD created and modified for aerodynamics when you’re out on the track. An actuator is located on the left side of the sun visor, making it easier to lower the visor.

This helmet’s ventilation system includes a chin vent, a chimney vent, and a back exhaust vent. It includes chin curtains that may be removed, emergency quick-release cheek padding, and inflated air bladders. Due to the large speaker pockets hidden behind the replaceable cheek cushions, the speaker is buried.

6. AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Performance Helmet

An FIM-approved version of the Pista GP R helmet has been replaced by the AGV Pista GP RR, the only difference between the two models. Motorcycle racing championships have their own set of FIM rules. The 3k carbon structure is comprised entirely of pure carbon fiber.

There are four shell sizes available. The Pista GP RR features a tear-off strip and a pin lock-ready face shield. It has an air protector and a retractable nose guard. The new Pista GP features an integrated ventilation system, five huge metal apertures in the front, and two rear hoods incorporated into the body for ventilation.

This helmet includes EPS cutouts for ventilation, providing plenty of airflow. It includes a removable integrated hydration pack manufactured by Moto GP with internal tubes for secure positioning and a hydration valve on the helmet’s chin for constant and gentle water replenishment while riding.

7. HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Helmet

The HJC Company has always strived to deliver comfort while maintaining strict safety standards. The HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian helmet is a recent addition to their product line. Carbon fiber and carbon glass combine to form this helmet. A broad eye port allows for a more precise and broader vision and improved viewing angles.

The HJC RPHA 90s may also be equipped with Bluetooth communicators, allowing the rider to be entirely hands-free. The HJC RPHA’s Silver cool fabric gives the rider the optimal grip and comfort. When it comes to helmets made of carbon fiber, the HJC is now regarded as the best option.

The detachable and washable cloth inside the helmet ensures years of use. The rider may remove the shield entirely without needing any tools, thanks to HJC’s rapid-fire shield replacement system. The HJC RPHA 90s helmet is a high-quality lightweight helmet with all features at a reasonable price.

8. Nexx XR2 Carbon Helmet

The Nexx XR2 is a well-made helmet as well. The XR2 has a flat, Pinlock, and tear-off ready fast-release visor and is usually delivered with a Pinlock in the package in Europe. The visor pivot should be twisted before unclipping the visor, as shown by the X. And the majority of them appear to be polished and high-end.

The composite fiber variants are available in the Fuel, Acid designs, and Viruses that may be seen all over this section.

The upper vents include little three-way sliders, and the chin vent has a plate that can be flipped down to open it. The Nexx XR2 has anti-allergenic and anti-sweat interior comfort cushioning.

It’s also detachable and washable, so you can keep it looking new after a long day in the saddle. Nexx has expanded the visor aperture, as do most sportbike helmets, to provide plenty of peripheral vision and vertical vision, allowing you to see out of the tip of the visor even when you’re in a deep tuck.

9. LS2 Challenger GT Carbon Helmet

The LS2 Challenger has a lot going on, as you can see with a glance. The helmet’s form is inspired by a wind tunnel, with little drag and just enough downforce to keep it stable at high speeds. Vents abound, which, when combined with channels sculpted into the EPS lining, allow cool air to flow in and warm air to escape.

For anyone riding in a hot environment, this is a must-consider factor. Every aspect of the Challenger, from the sun visor’s one-finger operation to the chin bar’s vent switch, has been meticulously planned. The inside lining is breathable, washable, and hypoallergenic, and there are three shell sizes to choose from.

The entire liner is also available as an add-on in LS2. Those who want to wear visors on both the inside and outside also have options available. A variety of colors and designs are available for the Challenger. Put another way: The value you get for your money is unquestionable for the LS2.

10. Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet

The Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Carbon Helmet is the company’s most advanced track helmet. From a seasoned track day veteran to a sport-touring leisure rider, the EXO-R1 Air Carbon provides top-tier helmet technology. The TCT-U 3K carbon shell has been resin-infused to offer aircraft-grade impact dispersion.

This helmet has the same form as the R1 Air, but it has been aerodynamically adjusted for less drag and lift. The Scorpion Ellip-Tec ratcheting hinge system now includes a central locking mechanism for the face shield. The EXO-R1 Air Carbon is ready to provide you with the confidence and comfort you need on any asphalt.

A multi-density EPS liner with channels to direct airflow is supplied by a vast ram-air intake vent in the front and assisted by four exhaust holes in the back. The AirFit technology from Scorpion provides a one-of-a-kind tailored fit, which results in increased comfort and better isolation from outside noise.

Buying Guide

When riding a motorcycle, safety is a top priority. A helmet that covers your entire face provides more excellent protection than one that covers half of your face, yet some riders prefer the comfort of a helmet that only covers half of your face.

Before buying the best carbon fiber helmet, you need to think about a few things, no matter what your choice is. The following list will assist you in determining what factors you should consider while making this important decision:


Why do we place such a high value on helmets? The most significant reason is for the sake of safety. You should be aware of its power to provide ultimate protection because it will. You can determine the helmet’s level of safety by looking at the material, how it fits, and how easy it is to use.

If the material can withstand impacts and has sufficient longevity, you should opt for it. Also, ensure that it fits snugly without gaps or areas, and apply pressure. You will not be provided enough protection if the helmet is too little or too large for your head.

Ventilation system

Though it is sometimes overlooked, this area is just as crucial as fit and size. Wearing your helmet is easier and more pleasant when it has a good ventilation system. For different models, you’ll notice different sorts of vent systems. There is no set rule as to which is the correct option. It is entirely dependent on your preferences and comfort.


No matter how inexpensive or costly, any model might be hefty, so evaluate the entire weight before making a purchasing decision. Helmets that are too heavy and bulky are notoriously uncomfortable to wear.

In addition, wearing a large helmet for an extended period might create neck discomfort shortly. On the other hand, lightweight helmets are easy to carry, take off, and put on and have no injury to your neck or shoulder.

Proper Sizes

When deciding between several models and manufacturers, bear in mind that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Some versions are smaller than standard sizes, while others are larger. It’s pointless to wear a helmet if it doesn’t fit correctly on your head.

Proper size is required for proper protection. So it’s recommended to try on the helmet first to see how it fits on your head. Aside from that, each brand has its sizing guide. By comparing your usual helmet size to their sizing chart, you can determine the precise size.


Aside from the helmet’s general outward appearance, interior EPS foam cushioning will keep you comfortable and provide an extra layer of protection for your face and head. Additionally, the cushioned interior helps absorb part of the impact during a crash, making it more comfortable for you to wear.

UV Protection

While driving, a tinted sun visor with any UV-resistant coating can assist you in avoiding any unpleasant glare. It shields your eyes and face from the sun’s damaging rays while also preventing the helmet from obstructing your vision while riding. Visors with anti-fog coatings are also a benefit.


How are helmets made out of carbon fiber?

Manufacturers heat acrylic fiber to make carbon fiber composites to turn it into carbon fibers. It’s the material that’s known for being both light and sturdy. It’s also why a lot of helmet companies employ it. In the long term, products constructed entirely of carbon are more dependable. When it’s time to replace them, they endure longer and look as good as new.

Is this kind of helmet safe to wear?

This material is highly robust, making them among the most powerful. Many models are available and equally safe because the material is simple to work with. However, keep in mind the safety precautions we addressed previously in the essay and all the other aspects that affect overall safety.

Is it worthwhile to spend the money on them?

They give a respectable amount of protection and endurance, although being a little more expensive than others on the market. Because of the material used, these are durable helmets that will endure a long time. They aren’t the lightest choice on the market, but they are still convenient to carry and use. Still, you must evaluate whether or not that is a worthwhile investment for you.

What is the life span of carbon fiber motorcycle helmets?

The amount of time your helmet lasts is dependent on how frequently you use it. It also depends on whether or not you are involved in a collision. Once you’ve been in an accident, your helmet won’t be able to protect you as effectively as it did when you originally purchased it. Furthermore, after around 5 years, the interior safety materials will deteriorate.

If I’ve had my helmet for a long time, do I need to replace it?

The interior of helmets’ protective components begins to disintegrate after around five years. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should replace your helmet. As a result, your helmet is no longer as safe as when you originally got it. To maintain your safety at the forefront, it is recommended that you change your helmet every 5 years.


So, now that we’ve gone through everything in detail, I hope you’ve received your path mark. Because carbon fiber is such a unique material, several possibilities are available. For you, we’ve selected the top 10 certified carbon fiber motorcycle helmets.

Picking the proper one isn’t as straightforward as that; there are a lot of factors to consider, and you must examine every element carefully. Return to our top-ranked comparison charts, reviews, and buying guide to choose which option is best for you.

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