Shoei RF-1400 Review

Shoei RF-1400 Review

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The RF-1000 was first on the list (great helmet). The RF-1200 took its place in 2014. (great helmet). As a result, it’s no surprise that Shoei has improved the helmet, resulting in the RF-1400.

It’s a follow-up to the original 1200, meant to be a little better in a few important areas. As a result, it now has a significantly revised shell with enhanced aerodynamics (to minimize lift and drag) as well as a new face shield system and baseplate.

They’ve changed the internals a bit, but it still employs the same AIM+ fibreglass-based composite fibre technology as the previous helmet.

  • The look, materials, and craftsmanship are all of a high standard.
  • homologated Snell M2020D
  • Perhaps the quietest full-face helmet on the market, with above-average ventilation
  • The visor is pin lock.
  • Excellent visor clarity and field of view
  • Very comfy and good value for money
  • It can be a little tight
  • Doesn’t block the noise
  • Bluetooth device mounting necessitates the use of certain tools.
  • In severe rain, the visor may leak water
  • Heavier than other rival helmets
  • There are no high-visibility colors or reflective materials available.


The RF-14 is available in four shell sizes from Shoei, which is a fair quantity. More shells equal a better fit and greater protection.

A two layer multi density stress absorption liner is used. Multi density liners are better at absorbing and controlling a wide variety of impact strengths.

To secure the helmet firmly on your head, there’s a conventional (and effective) double-d ring fastening. There’s also an EQRS liner inside to make it easier for paramedics to remove it if the worst comes.

Helmet Noise

Helmet noise is peculiar. Not only is it very subjective, dependent on the rider, motorbike, screen, speed, weather, and a slew of other factors, but it’s also quite difficult for two individuals to see things in the same way.

However, helmet manufacturers are sometimes thwarted in their search for a really silent motorcycle helmet since helmet testing authorities expressly declare that helmets can’t be too quiet because riders need to hear things like emergency cars and pillions crying for the bathroom.

So, if you’re looking for an extremely silent helmet, a,) helmet manufacturers aren’t permitted to make/sell you one in most countries, and b) you could still believe it’s not that quiet since you ride about at 110mph on a naked bike and wonder what the fuss is about. Nonetheless, Shoei believes they’ve done all they can with the RF-1400.


Isn’t it true that ventilation is essential for rider comfort? The good news is that Shoei has developed and enhanced the previous method once again.The vents on the RF-1400 are the same – three crown vents and twin chin bar vents.

However, they’ve upgraded the sliders that cover them, fiddled with widening and adding an extra intake hole in the higher vents, and bored out that exhaust vent to improve flow. 

This, together with Shoei’s high-quality 3D Max Dry 2 lining, keeps your head properly ventilated and sweat-free.

Shield for the Face

A new baseplate, seal, and shield have been added to the RF-1400’s shield system. It’s a quick release shield, just like the old one (open the shield, pull a tab, and it pops off), but Shoei has made it optically correct to reduce distortion, added those vortex generator thingies for improved aero/noise control, and moved the opening tab and shield lock from the side to the center. That was a smart move since it now allows you to open your face shield with your right hand. 

The shield aperture has been enlarged by Shoei to improve peripheral vision. They’ve also collaborated with Pinlock to create the Pinlock Evo antifog insert, which comes in the box with your new RF-14.

Sizing and Comfort

The Shoei RF-1400 is more of a round or neutral fit helmet on the inside (rather than the regular medium oval most helmets come in). So, if you have a longer oval skull shape, be aware that pressure points may develop. 

That isn’t to suggest that if you do, all will be gone. Because new cheek and head pads are available in a range of thicknesses – albeit they will set you back a few bucks. 

It has detachable ear cushions, which you may remove if you want to use speakers from a communications unit. 

It also has an EQRS lining, which is always a plus. If you don’t know what it means, it means you can pull out the cheek pads from below by pulling on the two red tabs at the bottom of the helmet. It’s there so emergency personnel can remove your helmet more quickly. 

Graphics & Appearances

The RF-1400 is available in a variety of designs and colors. White, black (including matte), bright yellow, basalt grey, and matte metallic blue are available as solids.

There are many colors of the Prologue, Faust, Mural, Nocturne, Dedicated, Scanner, and Arcane if you desire visuals.

Other considerations include audio, weight, eyewear, aerodynamics, buffeting, chin curtain, and warranty.

The RF-1400 should suffice if you want to attach a Bluetooth headset to your helmet. Because it’s more curved than other helmets, you’re less likely to get stuck installing it. And there’s a huge curved bottom edge that makes utilizing a clamp attachment a little more difficult. 

Having said that, the person in the video above has installed his Sena 20S effectively. Shoei has said that they would provide a universal Bluetooth mount. Thus that problem should be resolved if/when they do. Inside, there’s enough room for both speakers and a microphone.

The RF-1400 is a big beast if you’re seeking a low weight helmet. It’s not light at 3.75 pounds, but it’s just seven ounces more than the average weight of a composite fiber helmet, so it shouldn’t be an issue. 

There’s also enough for glasses since the lining has a beautiful glasses groove.

As previously stated, the RF-1400 has undergone thorough wind tunnel testing. The good news is that owners report that the aero is excellent. Shoei claims a 6 percent lift reduction and a 4 percent decrease in drag. However, since they are figures on top of the old headgear, they are of little use to the majority of us. What helps is that multiple owners have told us that it has truly strong aero qualities and slices through the air nicely.

A detachable chin curtain and breath guard are included with the Shoei RF-1400.

Final Verdict

A fantastically quiet full-face helmet with obvious excellent craftsmanship is offered at a reasonable price. Comfortable to wear and better than average breathability. For a Snell M2020D helmet, it’s rather light. It needs a Shoei-designed Bluetooth device mount, which was released in May 2021, and there are no Hi-Viz color options.

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