Shoei RF-1200 Review

Shoei RF 1200 Helmet Review

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One of the most popular models in their premium motorcycle helmet line is the RF-1200. In one product, it combines great performance and cutting-edge innovations. RF’s touring and street bike helmets have long been popular, and this is the newest in the series.

This one is available in a variety of colors and designs, as well as different sizes. It is a fun and exciting way to ride, no matter your riding style. As a consequence, the RF-1200 is one of the most popular premium components in its price category.The helmet’s lightweight, small, and streamlined design will provide next-level functionality. The solid black hue will leave a lasting impression. Continue reading our Shoei RF 1200 review to learn about its structure, ventilation, and unique features.


This new Shoei RF-1200 helmet, which replaces the immensely successful RF-1100, improves the high-end sport touring formula by reducing weight, size, and wind noise, enhancing aerodynamic stability and ventilation and adopting innovative new designs. It has the same basic interior structure as the previous model, but it has far improved ventilation and is significantly quieter.

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet: Features and Benefits


If you’ve worn a Shoei helmet before, you’ll be acquainted with the form and size of this comfy model. The Shoei RF-1200 is suitable for a wide range of head sizes. However, if you have a football or spherical-shaped head, you will be unable to wear this model.

The neck roll might shut under the jaw and around the back of your head. This neck roll seals and completes the flow of extra wind and noise. All of its users have praised the superb fit of this helmet. The shell seems to be much smaller than the previous variant.

The internal materials are detachable, washable, and interchangeable, and the three-dimensional form can adapt to the riders’ heads and provide pleasant emotions. In addition, if you have this helmet, you may ride at high speeds without causing damage.

Design and Shape

The vast range of colors available on this helmet is one of its most impressive features. The shell is available in various paint finishes and graphic styles, with a total of 31 available. Even high-end versions have fewer choices, so this is seldom the case.

Because we’re talking about Shoei, you should anticipate a thick, long-lasting finish. It’s weather-resistant, so the color won’t fade even if you’re riding in the sun. It has an aerodynamic form, the same as all other Shoei helmets, and is made of lightweight materials.

It gives you the freedom to move freely with the wind, which is very important if you often travel at fast speeds. The shell is an intermediate oval form that doesn’t fit well on others. You can change the fit a little, but we’re not sure how much if the form doesn’t suit you.


Ribs on top and bottom provide stiffness to the CWR-1 Pinlock shield. This construction also prevents the shield from bending due to wind pressure and regular usage. The beading on the sides and top keeps the seal tight, allowing excess air and moisture to escape.

The helmet also has a spring-loaded Quick-Release Self-Adjusting base plate, unique to the brand. It draws the shield closer to the shell, increasing the seal’s tightness and enabling you to bike in the rain without a problem.

The base plate may be tuned and adjusted to your liking with the help of a five-stage rotating dial, which is located on top of the unit. The sophisticated Pinlock anti-fog technology on this adventure-ready helmet keeps your line of sight clean in all weather.


There is an impact-absorbing dual liner comprised of two layers of varying densities on the inside. It’s a solid shell on the outside, but you won’t notice it on the inside. More importantly, the inside cushioning helps balance the possible effect of a collision.

The twin D-ring chin strap retainer is an extra feature worth noticing which provides more security and a far superior fit. Furthermore, it is extremely simple to use with one hand, even while wearing gloves.


The Shoei helmet has a mixed review regarding ventilation, even while it is being worn. Anyone serious about helmets will recognize that one of the most crucial characteristics of a decent helmet is that it must have highly well-thought-out ventilation.

There must be appropriate airflow as well as adequate stillness. It’s not always easy to find the proper middle ground between the two. The RF-1200, on the other hand, excels at this task. It is accomplished by using four air intakes and four exhaust ports.

It apart is that these outputs and intakes have been intended to be placed in regions where they may benefit from negative air suction. It results in a much increased and uncomplicated degree of cold air intake and heated air evacuation.

Safety Measurements

The helmet’s primary function is to protect your head and face in the event of an accident. It is why you must ensure that the helmet you choose is capable of doing so. The Snell and the Department of Transportation, sometimes known as the DOT, approved the Shoei RF-1200.

These two credentials are two of the most well-known. While Snell’s testing is more thorough, DOT doesn’t stick around for long. The helmet got both owing to its rigid shell, for the most part. Other aspects, such as excellent airflow and quick-release cheek pads, also played a role.


  • Excellent overall quality
  • The liner is very comfortable
  • Gasket for the thick eye port
  • Significantly better ventilation
  • The chin curtain is rather large
  • Water is kept out via vents


  • Expensive
  • Noise levels seem to be high

Alternative Option

Shoei RF-1400


Shoei has finally launched a new version of its fantastic motorcycle helmet, the RF-1200, after the enormous popularity of the original. Shoei’s latest bestseller in the full-face helmet category, the RF-1400, is expected to outperform its predecessor. This Japanese brand produces high-end helmets that aren’t inexpensive but always deliver in terms of comfort, safety, and overall quality.

Final Verdict

Shoei is a well-known brand that has been around for a long time. This helmet’s name has been on some of our best helmets in the past, so it’s no surprise that the RF-1200 is as excellent and popular. It is a one-of-a-kind sculpture that works excellent in all weather.

It’ll work with any rind type, but only if you want a more oval form. It’s a great daily helmet because of its various safety and comfort features. All vents are simple to use and are strategically located to provide the optimum airflow possible.

Consider the shell size, and be sure to pick from a variety of vibrant colors to discover the RF-1200 that is the most appropriate for your needs. Go ahead and put on these helmets, pay the money, and enjoy the pleasure of motorcycling while being safe.

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