Best Dual Sport Helmets

10 Best Dual Sport Helmets

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All the features of a dirt bike helmet are combined into a street-legal helmet with dual-sport capabilities. The result is a helmet that performs admirably on both the road and the dirt. According to scientific research, a dual-sport helmet will fall short of a street helmet when it comes to safety on the road. Off-road, it’s no better than a standard dirt bike helmet.

 In order to wear and be comfortable, you must be alright with dual-sport helmets being a compromise. As a result, the best helmets on the market minimize any compromises. Good dual-sport helmets perform admirably in both conditions.

 I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best dual sport helmets to make your life a bit simpler. We did our expert research to choose the best dual-sport helmets for you.

Entry Level


Sedici Viaggio ADV Helmet

Mid Range


AGV AX9 Helmet

High End


Arai XD-4 Helmet

1. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet


  • A wide field of vision is available.
  • Excellent integration with goggles.
  • Ventilation is effective.
  • Excellent fit and quality.


  • When traveling at highway speeds, it is rather noisy.
  • There are two fixed visor settings that allow for only minimal adjustability.
  • On the lower border of the shield, there is a slight distortion in vision.
  • Vents that are always open provide a draughty environment in cold weather.

The Bell MX-9 adventure motorcycle helmet is a good entry-level alternative for individuals seeking an adventure or dual-sports helmet.

One of the primary advantages is that it has the Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which has lately received more scientific support. It’s MIPS-certified, DOT-approved, and ECE-approved.

The MX-9 has a lightweight polycarbonate casing that helps to keep the weight down. Bell’s Velocity-flow ventilation technology is also used to keep you cool on the trails.


    • Safety: The helmet is also available in three shell and EPS sizes to ensure a proper fit. It is DOT/ECE certified and with a 5-year guarantee, which is unmatched in the market.
    • Easy to Maintain: The washable suede-like lining feels similar to moleskine and is not ultra-plush, but it resists sweat absorption and is simple to remove and clean.

2. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet


  • Price is really competitive.
  • Construction of superior quality.
  • There are three different shell sizes.
  • The flip-up has a solid feel about it.
  • The style is sleek and contemporary.
  • Padding that is both thick and comfortable.
  • Good ventilation is essential.
  • The helmet is Comfortable.


  • The helmet is quite heavy.
  • Internal top vents may become obstructed by the liner.
  • The chin bar filter is not detachable.

This dual-sport adventure helmet is one of the most adaptable on the market. Additionally, it is the only module on this list. With this helmet, the firm has completely reinvented what a dual sport helmet can be.

It includes a three-size advanced polycarbonate shell, a dual-density EPS inner liner with a multi-layer design, many vents for ventilation throughout the helmet, a drop-down sun visor, a detachable, and washable inside, and speaker pockets.

In general, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 is an excellent lid. It is DOT-certified and backed by a five-year guarantee.


  • Port And Visibility Of The Eye: Except for a part of the “beak” in the rider’s lower center vision, the AT950 gives exceptional visibility, with extremely broad sightlines to the left and right, as well as at the lower 4 and 8 o’clock locations.
  • Faceguard: Each side of the face shield includes a lift tab. Despite four detents, the face shield’s initial aperture is too big for city fogging. The first position opens roughly 25 mm from the gasket’s bottom center.

3. Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet


  • The visor pushes air into the upper air intake of the helmet, which allows for maximum cooling.
  • The visor may be removed without the use of any tools, thanks to quarter-turn screws.
  • Large lower air intake/defroster vent with several positions.
  • Two top air vents with shutters that may be opened and closed.
  • There are four rear exhaust vents that are distinctively positioned.
  • There are three neck outlet vents.
  • It comes with a detachable breath guard and chin curtain.


  • No drawbacks have been noticed.

Wear the Shoei Hornet X2 Adventure Helmet for street riding or trail riding – it’s a rose by any other name.

Adventure riding has no limits. The Shoei Hornet X2 Helmet is designed for dedicated dual-sport riders that want the best of both worlds. The Hornet X2 is an all-road, all-weather helmet designed to maximize performance without compromising long-distance touring values.

The Shoei Hornet X2 Adventure is a premium road and off-road helmet that replaces the Shoei Hornet DS. The mouthpiece and chin bar is designed to optimize air intake and ventilation while providing the rider extra breathing room for off-road riding.


  • Construction: Smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fiber) shell structure. Minimalist EPS lining allows for compact construction without sacrificing airflow.
  • Comfort: 3D Max-Dry II The inside is three-dimensionally contoured to fit the rider’s head while retaining a solid grip for high-speed riding.

4. O’Neal Sierra II Helmet


  • The shell is made of ABS, and the detachable and washable air channeled comfort liner helps to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Vent holes are necessary for proper ventilation.
  • Face shield that is built-in
  • Helmet shield that may be adjusted in height
  • Chinstrap with double-d safety lock that is padded


  • The helmet is quite loud at higher speeds.

A budget-friendly alternative is the O’Neal Sierra II. The O’Neal offers basic features and construction at a low cost. However, it lacks the elegance of the other models described here. Still, for the price, it’s an excellent lid.

There includes a moisture-wicking detachable and washable comfort lining, air vents, an integrated face shield, and a cushioned chin strap with a double D-ring clasp.

While not as sophisticated as the other helmets featured here, it does the job well. And, as every dirt rider knows, the O’Neal name is trusted among the dirt and enduro riders.


  • Shell: As previously said, the shell is futuristic and will turn heads as you go down the street. The O’Neal Sierra I helmet featured fewer signals all over the body and a conventional air channel that was not as noticeable.
  • Ventilation: The mouthpiece has several vents and a lever to turn them on or off. A catch opens or closes additional chimney vents. It has passive rear and jawline vents. This method effectively removes hot, humid air trapped in the lid.

5. Klim Krios Pro Helmet


  • Chin and forehead vents that are fully adjustable
  • Change from street to off-road or any of the four riding modes in a matter of seconds, all without the need for any equipment.
  • Klim Radius Goggles are compatible with this product.
  • Closure with a fid-lock strap
  • Face shield with Pinlock-ready Polycarbonate anti-scratch technology from Koroyd.


  • Many users have complained about the quality of the materials.

The Klim Krios Pro Helmet is another fantastic option for a dual-sport or adventure helmet. This helmet has Klims and is made of Koroyd. Klim believes this material is superior to an EPS liner in reducing head trauma.

An anti-scratch Pinlock ready face shield, Transitions Photochromic lens, fast release visor system, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking interior, adjustable forehead vents, and Klim Radius Goggle compatibility are the helmet’s other highlights.

The helmet also meets or surpasses DOT and ECE requirements.


  • Design: The Krios Pro is an off-road and adventure riding helmet with a few more tricks up its sleeve. The shell is hand-laid carbon fiber, making it extremely light. In reality, large weights are just 1300 grams.
  • Ventilation: It includes a three-position nose vent and an adjustable forehead vent. The Koroyd’s open construction allows for easy movement of large quantities of air via the vents at the back of the helmet.

6. Arai XD-4 Helmet


  • Fully detachable, replacement and washable Interior features include a comfort headliner, cheek padding, and chinstrap coverings.
  • For added comfort, Dry-Cool technology keeps you dry and cool.
  • FCS (Federal Civil Service) (Facial Contour Support) a 5mm peel-away layer on the cheek pad
  • Better aerodynamic stability at greater street speeds thanks to a new shell design.
  • The top diffuser vents now have exhaust openings.
  • More intake apertures on the chin vent
  • Ventilation is improved by larger sculpted side cowl vents.


  • The helmet is expensive
  • There is no chin strap cushion.

The Arai XD4 is a world-renowned ADV touring helmet with a Snell safety grade. The XD4 has Arai’s comfort lining and 5mm peel-away cheek pads, allowing riders to customize their fit. The Arai XD4 Helmet’s shell has been aerodynamically optimized to funnel air through the revised vents, increasing overall ventilation and reducing buffeting at speed.

The XD-4 is the go-to helmet for serious ADV riders, setting industry standards for comfort, quality, and safety.


  • Face Shield: It gives the cyclist an extremely clear and broad unhindered view, particularly out to the edges.
  • Ventilation: The brow vents on the face shield assist in circulating air to your forehead while also keeping the face shield from fogging up.

7. AGV AX9 Helmet


  • Shell made of carbon fibre, aramid fibre, and fibreglass.
  • There are three shell sizes available: XS-MS, ML-XL, and 2XL.
  • Chin vent guard that can be removed without the need of tools
  • There are five vents: chin vent that may be adjusted, two brow inlets, and two extractors
  • Visor with a panoramic view and Pinlock compatibility
  • Sail impact can be reduced by adjusting the peak.
  • Strap with a double-D design


  • No major drawbacks have been noticed yet.

The AGV AX-9 Helmet replaces the AX-8 DS EVO Helmet. It starts with a lightweight carbon, aramid, and fiberglass shell and an aerodynamic peak. The peak itself may be adjusted to decrease the sail effect. Five total vents provide superior ventilation: a chin-vent, two brow inlets, and two extractors. This helmet’s design allows for four distinct configurations: peak/visor, no peak/visor, peak/goggles, and no peak/goggles.

The padding is treated for maximum comfort, and the helmet includes a fit for wearing glasses. The cheek pads and toplining are moisture-wicking, and the neckroll is water-resistant.


  • Engineered in three shell sizes, the Carbon-Aramid-Fiberglass shell is reinforced with a four-density EPS structure, which has been created in four sizes.
  • Air is directed to the rider’s head using an integrated ventilation system that includes three huge front vents and two rear extractors that are carved out of the shell.
  • All of the vents may be adjusted.
  • An internal deflector on the chin guard air vent directs air to the chin or to the visor when the chin guard is closed.
  • The chin guard air vent may be removed without the need for tools.
  • Nose guard that may be removed.
  • Under the air vent, there is a Max ventilation grid placed.
  • The architecture of the interiors is designed to provide an embracing, pressure-free fit while also reducing the amount of noise that enters the helmet. Wind protector that may be removed.
  • The interior of the helmet has been developed to provide the most comfortable riding experience possible.

8. Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet


  • The inside liner has been developed with fewer seams and a more universal interior fit than previous versions of the product.
  • With an integrated antenna for the SRC-System, improved radio and Bluetooth range have been achieved with the improved EPS.
  • Chinstrap with micro-lock ratchet
  • On the neckroll, there are large reflective panels.
  • The ratchet mechanism for the face shield has been improved.
  • The helmet has an inbuilt sun visor.


  • The visor might shake above 40mph.

The Schuberth E1 Helmet is a modular helmet developed for adventure riders. The E1 was designed at Schuberth’s own aeroacoustics lab, maximizing both aerodynamic and acoustic performance. The Anti-Roll-Off System maintains the helmet in place, and the washable inside lining keeps it clean between trips.

The completely articulating peak visor may be adjusted in three positions independently of the face shield and chin bar. The E1’s face shield and peak may be worn together or separately for the ride. To keep riders hydrated, the E1 has a retractable chin bar air vent and a washable filter to purify the air in dusty circumstances.


  • EPS: The EPS foam liner is designed to be modular for maximum shock absorption. This intricate division ensures superior force absorption and dispersion.
  •  Inner Lining: The E1’s inner lining was designed to fit pleasantly and securely in all conditions, according to Schuberth’s unique Comfort-Fit philosophy

9. Nexx X.WED2 X-Patrol Helmet


  • The helmet is Lightweight
  • Excellent attention to detail and finish
  • Exceptionally well-formed and comfy liners and pads
  • Excellent field of view is provided via a class-leading eye-port.
  • The visor that does not distort
  • The sun visor is well-placed and operates smoothly.
  • Providing all-day comfort
  • Lots of possibilities are available in terms of design and accessories.


  • The position of the sun visor sliding control is too high.
  • The main visor cover parts do not line up correctly depending on the angle of the peak
  • Shaping and the strength of some accessory pieces of the vehicle.

The X.WED2 combines the comfort of a touring helmet with the breathability of a dirt helmet. Big motorcycles prefer to go quickly, but the terrain occasionally necessitates smart slowing. The X.WED2 shines in these situations. With double the air inlet ventilation as its predecessor, the X.WED2 keeps you cool when you need it. At motorway speeds, head inspections are easier since the top catches less air. A retractable interior sun visor allows for easy transitions from day tonight.


  • Build Quality: NEXX helmets are known for their quality, and the X-Patrol is no exception. First-rate shell, external fittings, and interior design.
  •  Comfort: The big NEXX X-Patrol is nearly identical in form and overall size to the Arai XD4 but somewhat smaller than a recently disposed of AGV AX-8 Dual Evo.

10. Sedici Viaggio Adventure Helmet


  • ABS shell with advanced injection molding technology
  • D-ring safety fastening with two D-rings
  • As standard, a quick-release transparent visor is installed.
  • a separate tinted sun visor that may be flipped down
  • The peak that may be removed after injection molding
  • Chin-bar air-flow vent with metal mesh on the inside of the bar
  • Padded liner with removable air-flow comfort for extra comfort.


  • For the face shield, there are no positive mounting steps.
  • BT speakers and microphone components are inadequately attached.
  • Due to design and quality control difficulties, the potential and value of the product were not achieved.

The Viaggio Adventure Helmet has an injection-molded ABS shell and creature comforts that any ADV rider would enjoy. For easy customization, the Viaggio has a fast-release transparent face shield and a detachable injection molded visor. A detachable and washable comfort lining and a vented chin bar are also included. The Sedici Viaggio Adventure Helmet is ideal for long-distance cyclists who need technological adaptability as well as simple simplicity.


  • Shell: The Sedici Parlare Adventure Helmet has an injection-molded ABS full-face shell with a multi-part EPS (crushable foam) inner lining.
  •  The Peak with Multiple Functions: The long-shaped peak fixes to the outer shell with two recessed screws at the top back and at the sides as part of the face shield mounting assembly – great appearance and straightforward installation.


This list of the 10 best dual sport helmets, together with the information provided, should get you started in your quest for the perfect helmet. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to discover one that’s both affordable and meets your requirements.

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